What a blessing

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My friends put me on this page last year April´06,they wanted me to try this online-dating, but I didn´t really believe in that because I´m from Germany (originally from Turkey)...my second day on here I clicked somebody's profile without knowing how all this works on here, so I didn´t leave any message or a smile.
After that, he clicked my profile and left a smile...I smiled back and so we start sending each other cards-smiles etc...I was not a premium member so I couldn´t even read his e-mails, but as soon as he figured that out he started to IM me...He has 3 kids living with him and I have 2 kids living with me. We were laughing a lot and I feel like he is my soulmate...We were talking on the phone for hours. He had no passport to come visit me in Germany and I had no visa to go visit him in the states because of my Turkish-Passport.
I needed to meet this guy no matter how, so he got a passport and came after 6 months to Germany to stay for 2 weeks. I booked a little trip to Turkey for 1 week so we stayed 1 week in Turkey and the other in Germany and everything was just perfect until the day he had to leave. We both had tears in our eyes, but the time was over.
He came back to Germany in November and asked me to marry him. He had the ring and put it on my finger and I said YES...We got married December 8th 2006 in Germany and at the same time I got pregnant...what a blessing :-) Our little girl was born August 13th 2007, but we are still apart from each other until we get through with all of the paperwork for us to be able to live together in the States...This page here www.blacksingles.com made us so happy. THANK YOU BP.
Hopefully it will make many more couples happy.

November 29th 2oo7

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