"It's a good thing".


I am presently sitting on my sofa on a serene and peaceful Sunday morning. I am looking across the top of my laptop at my beautiful wife who is also enjoying her quiet time on this laid back blessed day. As we both bask in the sheer pleasure of each other's company, I marvel at the fact that the first time I ever laid eyes on her, it was on this very laptop screen and on this very website. That was back in September of 2006. In June of 2007 we both exchanged wedding vows. It is now August of 2008 and she still brightens up my life as much as she did on that day that I first received the E-mail from Black Singles that informed me that we both had Clicked "Yes". The Scriptures say that when a man finds a wife, it's a good thing
and I just want to say "Thank You" to Black Singles because you were definitely an instrument in God's plan to assist this brother in finding a "Good Thing"

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