Good things come to those who wait.

gdials & Bigred49erplayergdials & Bigred49erplayer

Last year, one of my girlfriends suggested that I try on-line dating, since I didn't get out much. After much thought, consideration and reluctance, I signed up on on April 16, 2008. Initially, I received "2" smiles from Bigred49erplayer on May 6,2008 and a spark from Bigred49erplayer on May 7, 2008. I replied on May 7, 2008 and our communication increased slowly over a period of a few weeks. We shared personalized cards/conversations with the ability to converse on any and all topics comfortably, almost as if we had known each other previously for many years. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Bigred49erplayer referred to me as his "Queen" and himself as my "King". I didn't believe he was genuine and spaced my responses due to the fear of the unknown. In June, I still didn't think that he was the one for me and so I continued to visit the website for matches with little or no success. Then, I decided that I needed some time off from the website. He agreed to give me space, but advised that I can run, but I can't hide and that my "King" would be waiting. He shared his belief and trust in God and was very adamant that we were destined to be together.(Yeah right-I thought...) He appeared very honest, old fashioned, and respectful in every way. I was in denial-disbelief because he sounded too good to be true! In the interim, we discovered that we have an enormous amount of things in common. I began to think about him, visit the website and view his profile and photos. Finally, I sent him a card to say hello, he responded stating that he too had been thinking of me. We then agreed to meet as soon as possible. We met in person on June 29, 2008. Bigred49erplayer is the epitome of a Gentleman"... a real "man". He doesn't just talk the talk, but he walks the walk! In retrospect, I wish I had met him sooner. However, good things come to those who wait. We are very thankful to God first and foremost and to BlackSingles for making this meeting/union possible. I'm sure that as long as we keep God in the forefront of our relationship, nothing is impossible.


P.S. Well, I am no longer a skeptic when it comes to online dating/websites...



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