He is everything I have been looking for.


I have been dating for four months now. He is a great guy and everything I have been looking for. When we first met face to face, we hit it off very quickly. We have a lot in common and it didn't take long until I fell in love with him, even though the relationship is long distance and costly, but well worth it when we see each other. I hope one day soon I will relocate to be with him and hope for a possible marriage. I always hate to leave him because I love him very much and we will be together soon.

***Updated 3/25/09***
Its been over a year now and we are both still together. Its a long distance relationship and many people always said a long distance relationship never works, but if you love each other it will work because we have proven that. Planes and cars do exist. If you are really in love like we are, you can see each other. Curtis and I have proven that and I want to thank Black Singles for this site. If BlackSingles never exist, I would never have found him. I wish I met him many years ago. He is my soul mate, my lover, and my friend and distance is not stopping that. But one day we will be together as one; no more departing from each other. I always hate to leave him. The hardest part of the long distance relationship is leaving each other. Our bond is so strong we both know we will be back in each others arms again; no distance is stopping us. Curtis and I have something very special, it goes deeper than the heart. Marriage, it will come. We are still building up our relationship. Its like construction...when it is finished, everything comes together and looks beautiful and that is what we are working on. Once its done, our love will go on forever. Once its made, it stays...that is us. So BlackSingles, again thanks!

Petrice & Curtis

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