I am in love with him and he feels the same way.

tluvevans & T191

The first day that I logged onto BlackSingles was 10/13/08. I looked through the profiles and one really caught my eye. It was T191. He featured himself and his two beautiful daughters on his profile. He is a single parent and lives on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast. I thought that he was so handsome and really admired him sharing his family life. I sent him a smile, not really expecting him to respond. He responded almost immediately! We chatted for a few minutes and all of a sudden, my computer froze. I was able to get him a message to call me on my cell phone so that we could continue our conversation.

To make a long story short, we talked for hours! I've never talked on the phone to anyone for that long. We talked everyday until 10/30/08, the day I went to visit him in person. We totally hit it off. I am in love with him and he feels the same way. I've never been in a long distance relationship, but I am just so grateful to have him in my life. He's so sexy, kind, compassionate, loving, and very humorous.

Thank you BlackSingles for hooking us up!

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