I found my prince without having to kiss any frogs!


I had given up on meeting anyone. I changed my introduction wishing others well, but stated it wasn't for me. A few people messaged me that they wished me well, but one stood out. His words appeared to be sincere and we exchanged a few messages of support, I suggested he change his default picture because he was holding a beer in his hand and I thought there was more to him than that. He actually thanked me and changed his default picture. We eventually went bowling, talked even more, and I have to admit I was wrong. This site can be successful. He's a quiet place in a loud world, he's a man of strength and tenderness, he's kind and I felt the walls that I had built start to melt all around me. I never thought I would meet anyone who could make me feel this way again. I joined this site as a skeptic and I'm leaving as a woman looking forward to a beautiful, loving, and LONG lasting relationship. Thanks Black Singles! I found my prince without having to kiss any frogs!

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