I like him and he likes me.


I had actually met a few guys on BlackSingles before I met Anthony. I had logged on and was looking to see who was chatting in my area. I didn't match what he was looking for in his profile (5'8, athletic build, slim. I'm 5'4 and need to lose a few!), but I figured single guys usually know other single guys so I was going to use him for networking to find a guy. I mentioned that I knew I didn't match his profile, but asked him if I could ask him a few questions. I first asked if he had any success on this site. He had met someone, but it didn't go anywhere. I told him what my intentions were about networking since I have single female friends that would fit what he was looking for. We chatted for a while and I guess my sense of humor and my way of looking at things got his attention. We exchanged phone numbers and immediately started talking on the phone. He wanted to meet, but I kept telling him I wasn't his body type. He kept saying that he liked my personality. When we finally got off the phone, I decided to meet him as soon as possible because if he didn't find me to his liking in person, I didn't want to waste his or my time getting to like each other over the phone. We met 3 days after I started chatting with him on this site. We met in a public place. I had to go look for a birthday present and shopping is a good way to see a persons taste in things and I figured if we didn't click, the whole date wouldn't have been a loss. After we went shopping, we went and had Mexican food and then decided to go to Fremont Street Experience here in Las Vegas because neither of us had been yet. We spent over 7 hours on our first date. We've been together almost 3 months and spend a lot of our off work hours together. He still hangs with the guys from his job and I go out with my friends, but he will call me or text me whatever he is doing. I like him and he likes me. Thank you BlackSingles!

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