The English gentleman stole my heart!

carribeansis & smartuber

In 2007, I began receiving communication attempts from smartuber in the UK. Immediately, I requested that he not contact me anymore and that I had no interest in a long distance relationship! Nevertheless, he persevered, never giving up. Recognizing how intelligent and articulate this man sounded, I humored him chatting for hours on end...which continued for months. He asked that I no longer continue to date others, however, I couldn't realistically considered a virtual relationship real, so I kept on searching for that "night in shining armor". All this time, continuing to text, IM, and speak via telephone daily. Then finally, on June 28th, I took a trip to London, where we met and had the most wonderful time imaginable. He will be here to meet my family in December. We are planning our wedding for May of 2009.

He is so wonderful...I never in my wildest dreams thought I could feel this way for anyone.

Who would have thought...the English gentleman could steal my heart!

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