The beg. of the creation of a perfect & blessed union.

Teechele & Ignite_MeTeechele & Ignite_Me

In the beginning God created man, and he said man should have a help mate, then he created from the ribs of the man, woman.

Genesis....the beginning of the creation of a perfect and blessed union.

And as in Revelation: our purpose of connecting online was revealed to us in time.

So how did this Director of Nursing connect with the Asst. Billing and Collections Manager at a major law firm?

"One Sunday Morning"
It was a Sunday Morning, birds singing, butterflies dancing, a beautiful
day, a day about to unravel in the sweetest of ways, that only the dear Lord knew. Like most of us in this electronic age, we check our mail in
passing, check the weather or just the sake of checking something on the internet. For me... it was the mail. What's this I have here, an alert, possible matches and pictures too! Who is this
lady, do I care to greet, do I have time church service draws near, scrambling I log on to the site oh what else do we have here. Sending her a text, guess what she is online! Will she answer or will she decline? As fate would have it, she did answer, a brief exchange as I had to run
off to church, but not before I threw her all my digits. I was not playing....(Ignite_Me)

Well I usually wouldn't respond to IM initially from guys on line; this is phenomenal because I
had closed out my account with another online dating service, and forgot about this one. I was checking my mail and realized that I was
still getting matches; so because it was early Sunday morning I had time on my hand before church just to check out who was sending me
messages. Now I was never matched to Carl as he was matched to me. So by chance we were online at the same time even though I wasn't aware until he IMed me. Well before I responded to him I checked out his profile..hmmm....interesting, and his pic was easy on my eyes LOL. When the IM popped up requesting to chat surprisingly I said yes, and the online dialogue began. Like Carl stated he was in the process of running off to after a brief chat he gave me his number (bold
isn't he)and of course I scribbled them down. After church I wasted no time calling him (out of curiosity, hee! hee!) Shucks!!! I got his voice mail so I left a message. He called me late when I heard his voice I was trying to put it together with his pic; quite
unique. Anyway, needless to say we talked for long while that Sunday and the days to come until
our first meeting on February 14th, 2008! And, the happily ever after is: after a few months of dating, he proposed to me on my birthday August 14th, and we are getting married in March of 2009. The End, no The Beginning!!!!

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