True love does exist!

sde123 & Selena1sde123 & Selena1

Hello Everyone,

True love does exist!

We just wanted to tell you that “” is the greatest web-site on the Internet.
It led me to my beautiful Wife and Soul Mate!
Me, SDE123, was on BS for about a year and was just about ready to throw in the towel. I met a few people, but nothing serious. Then I noticed that Selena1 had read my profile. I sent her a smile. It was something about her profile that caught my attention. I joined back up as a full member just so I could respond to that one particular e-mail she sent me.

Selena1 was new to the site, only a couple of weeks. She was getting hundreds and hundreds of hits, go figure. But she said when she saw my
pictures, she kept going back to it. She said it was very strange for her to react in this fashion. She later told me that it was something about
my eyes and it was love at first site. Believe it or not.

I thought she was pretty and all, but I thought her pictures were outdated. So we started corresponding through BlackSingles. I was requesting more pictures and she was giving me her phone number. Ouch! Lol. The more we talked, the
closer we got. So we met and dated.

When I first saw her in person, my heart skipped a beat. IT WAS ON!!! The chemistry was there. She was so beautiful. We have so much in common until we built a spreadsheet...unbelievable! We
get along great and love each other very much. We have a lot of fun together and everything is an adventure. We could not stand to be apart any longer. We fell in love. We were married on 10/11/08; One year from our first date. Our honeymoon was off the chain.

I thank God for using BlackSingles to be the instrument that brought us together.

Here’s what we did; try it:
First, pray on it, then think about want you really want and ask God for a blessing.
BUT, you have to be as obedient as possible.
It worked for us. Be Blessed!

Thank you BlackSingles!

SDE123 and Selena1

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