Two journeys that became as one

Pacmann61 & HighlyFavoredByGodPacmann61 & HighlyFavoredByGod

I want to first thank my Heavenly Father for bringing Phillip and I together. Because with out HIM, we would have not met. We both had been in not so happy relationships and we both agreed that in order to have a true solid relationship, we would have to put and keep God First!

On March 31, 2007, our paths crossed. After two weeks of cards, sparks and long talks over the phone, we had our first date. It was a picnic at the lake and it was perfect. As we watched the sunset and listened to oldies, we had such a great time together. Who would have known what God would be up to next. As time had gone by, we asked many questions and found out more and more what we shared in common. We were far apart, but inseparable. On the weekends we would travel back and forth spending time together and attending each others church. As we prayed about our relationship, we listened to God and were engaged on Mothers Day. God had the final say and on September 6, 2008 we made our vow before God, family, and friends! We share a union that is built on faith, commitment and love. And now we are "Sharing our lives together as one"

Thank you Black Singles!

Phillip and Ponda
Pacmann61 and HighlyFavoredByGod

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