We are extremely happy...

natasha1149 & xxxrodie

xxxrodie (of Andalusia, AL) and I met in June of 2007 in Jacksonville, Florida. He was visiting and considering moving to Florida, just never considered Jacksonville. After about three months of emails and phone calls, we realized that we'd actually known each other from college in Atlanta and knew the same people. We decided to take it a little further. Within three weeks, he relocated to Jacksonville to prove how serious he really was. Five months later, we decided to get married. On June 14th, 2008, we were married and are extremely happy. Since, we have relocated w/the Army to Colorado. He is now serving his 4th tour in Iraq.

I never would've thought that I would meet someone online. All I can say is focus on what makes you happy, set your standards high, never lose hope, and stop looking so hard because GOD will provide all your needs and send you someone that you can share your happiness with. And I can't wait until he comes home.


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