We realize how compatible we are & that we belong together.


I am so blessed to meet my future husband. I met Henry on July 16, 2008 after being on the site for sixteen days. He sent me several cards and smiles before I finally accepted. From our first phone conversation, I felt a strong attraction to him. Our first date was several days after that and wow what a date it was! It was as if we had known one another all our lives. We had so much in common, I wondered if I had stated that information on my profile. Henry and I are very happy and have discussed plans to get married. We both realize how compatible we are and that we belong together. You see, we both realize that it was not by chance that our paths crossed, but that it was God who set up the date. We both believe in God first. Prayer is the center of our relationship. We both understand that prayer is what will help us through the difficult moments. I love this man.

Thank you Black Singles!

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