shadav & WillieDaniels66

WillieDaniels66 & Shadav met in Oct of 2007 on Blacksingles.com, and he is the love of my heart...He lives in Florida and I live in Maryland. We visit each other every other month and have so many things in common. We enjoy being around each other and we have a love so strong that distance can not keep us apart.. WillieDaniels66 is the epitome of a gentleman.. He is honest, caring, compassionate and lovable....When I first saw him at the airport my heart skipped a beat... The chemistry was there and he was more handsome in person than in his photos...Going back to 2007 when I first received a smile, card, and mail from him I said, "Not Bad Looking", and I sent him a card back...He stated when he came across my profile and photo he knew I was the one for him. He states even before he met me, he fell in love with me and someday I will be his wife. I was very attracted to him from the first time I saw him, an instant spark. We chatted for long periods of time over the phone and in person. I knew we were destined to be together. We have so much in common and have so much fun together. We are perfect for each other and the best of friends. I am in love with this man and he loves me so dearly. On one of his trips to Maryland visiting me, we decided to take a trip into Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossom trees. So unexpectedly, we were both in jeans and sneakers near the the reflection pond in DC, and he said I want to love you and make you my wife. He got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box and said", LINDA, WILL YOU MARRY ME". I said Yes, Yes, Yes!!! We are planning for a Spring wedding in 2010 in Florida. Thanks Blacksingles for being the instrument that brought us together. We will keep you informed and will send wedding pictures.

Willie Daniels66 & Shadav

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