He makes me feel like I'm a Queen.


I renewed my BlackSingles account for the third time for only a month to check my mail hoping MY REAL MATCH had showed up. There was no good news so I began looking at other members and saw an old acquaintance. BlackSingles.com put me back in touch with a gentleman I use to do parties with 33 years ago. We were part of an entertainment group where we hosted Ole School Dances where up to 1500 people attended. We never had any personal dealings and very seldom even spoke to each other. So me being me, when I saw he was online I sent him an IM to tease him about being in the same boat I was in, "LOOKIN" for LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP". At that time, I didn't know he had sent me a comment about my profile and I didn't know he was noted as a 94% match for me.

Anyway, we started chatting and exchanged phone numbers. We had brunch the next day, lunch and dinner the next four days and we decided, after I told him I was serious about not playing skin games to make something out of our new connection. He assured me he is not a PLAYER and that he wasn't going anywhere. It was a very easy decision for me to select him as MY MATCH because he is such an attentive person and a gentleman. I like everything about him. And as I reflected back to when we worked together, I noticed that he was all about our work and he never flirted with the ladies which made me feel he is trustworthy. We talk about everything and he makes me feel like I'm a Queen. I've been able to do things with him that I've never been able to do with any other man, so I'm happy. At this point, WE ARE HAPPY and we have talked about the possibility of marriage.

He decided not to renew his membership and we decided to remove our profiles. Thank you BlackSingles.com because I had basically given up. So as we feel our way into our new beginnings, HOLD US UP IN PRAYER and or WISH US the BEST of LUCK because we are both SENIORS and we need a GOOD PERSON in our lives. And while I made a lot of friends on BlackSingles.com, I pray you never see MY/OUR happy faces on BlackSingles.com again.

Take care and God bless.

Rosalind & David

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