I have been so happy.


I met James in March of 2008 he caught my attention by sending me a wink. I thought to myself, oh what is this about. We talked and came to discover we had so much in common. His voice captivated me and the laughter was wholesome. We decided we must meet and from that day forward we became inseparable. Our first thought was how are we going to be together living so far apart. He asked me to move where he was and I agreed. At first I was skeptical and a voice whispered in my ear, have faith. I loaded up the truck and kids and off I went after my knight in shiny armor. From that day, I have been so happy. He asked me to marry him and bought me an engagement ring! I said yes and the wedding is New Years Eve '2009. I want to thank BlackSingles because I would had never meet my king if it wasn't for this website. Dreams of meeting the right mate is true if you trust and believe!

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