It's worth the small investment for a life time of happiness

norma50 & DeliciousE

Wow! It was a definite search after several failed attempts to connect with someone, I met Deliciouse. I had been on this site for five years. I must say it was a very interesting search. I've met great men who I feel will always be friends. I was going to give up when Dee sent me a spark (He is from London). Of course I didn't believe he would travel so far to meet, but we met and we knew we were right for each other and we have been consistent and loving towards each other since. We have conflicts and it wasn't easy at times, but we prayed and remained focused on our commitment. We were married on September 5th, 2009. My advice is to keep the faith and utilize BlackSingles web site, it is worth the the small investment for a life time of happiness.


Norma Jean

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