Our hearts and minds are focused on this relationship...


I had become disillusioned hoping to find the woman meant for me. I had prayed for a sign that God had answered my fervent prayers. Little did I know that Sy, my match was praying for and experiencing the same thing. We had read each others profile and discovered that we has so much in common. Sy contacted me by message and let me know clearly that she was interested in me. So I responded and introduced myself. As we began to become better acquainted, we both became shocked at how our lives and experiences were an exact mirror of the other. It was as she could read my thoughts and feel my every emotion. I felt as if I had always known her. Our spirits became entwined and it was clear that something special was at work. She was everything that I had dreamed to find, and her sentiments were the same for me. We really felt that there was no further reason to pursue other relationships. Our hearts and minds are focused on this relationship, as we both feel that our fervent prayers were answered. Now, we place it all in the hands of God and dedicate our success to Him. And secondly, to BlackSingles for such a great site.

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