This is truly a match made in heaven.

Iteach2 & Gdguy2b

Following a link on one of my favorite radio talk shows, I registered on your site over two years ago. I was Iteach2. After setting up a profile, I viewed a few others. Although I had communicated with a few potentials, I must admit, I was not very taken with any of them. Then, one day I decided to try the photo shuffle. Most of the men looked unhappy in their pictures. Who wants to be around that, right? However, during the shuffle, I thought I saw a familiar smile. I paused and clicked on the photo. It was exactly who I thought it was. What was he doing on this site? I grew up with him. We had gone to school together until he graduated and joined the Air Force. Our moms tried to hook us up even then. He was a little shy and I was impatient.

We had secretly spent some time together, but never told many people. Before he left for the Air Force, I skipped school so he could teach me how to drive his 5-speed Chevy Chevette. Back then, he knew all about hunting and fishing and not much about women. It was a missed opportunity.

Anyway, I sent him a couple of smiles. Then, one day when I was on the site, he IM'd me. We exchanged numbers and became inseparable. He lived in Mississippi and I lived in Alabama. Yet, we saw each other every weekend for a year. This time he did not miss a beat. He was and is everything I had ever hoped for in a man. He proposed on the one year anniversary of our first date. One year and two months later, Gdguy2b and Iteach2 were married. This is the best relationship I have ever had in my whole life. Waking up in my man's arms is more than just a dream come true........

Both our moms passed before we were reunited, but we can not help but to believe they had something to do with this reunion because this is truly a match made in heaven.

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