We are kindred spirits forever.


Tasha let me start by saying the love of my new life that I met is so very sensitive and shy. I know she won't want her picture in a love advertisement. What I can tell you is I was just surfing through your pictures and briefly glanced at her pic. I was smitten! I'm 6 ft 5 in and she's 5 ft 10 in. I love tall women off the top. I had to contact her. We're both in California about four hours apart; she has the most sensitive spirit. I dare not hurt her; she deserves the world and a bag of chips! We struck it off instantly; she has the personality of a graceful Lady that has a inner confidence about herself. She followed my lead and I took my profile down first; and now I will protect her heart with my very life itself! We're spending X-mas together and my birthday in Jan. together. I can say that true consist love has a life between us and no one can ever come between us. We are kindred spirits forever. I believe we separated in Heaven before we came to the earth! Thank you for reuniting us. Your site gives gifts to this earth that are absolutely priceless; in this world that's hurting to be loved! Take care. Love The secret couple!

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