We fell in love right away.

Jewell4u & shotgunminister

Andrew and I met very soon after I had become a member and with both of us knowing and living for God we knew exactly what we both wanted in a lifetime partner. So neither of us would just settle for anyone.

About the time I was about to give up, he wrote and then he sent his number. I finally called him after a week and we began talking. We fell in love right away. His loving kindness and dedication plus his devotion to God was wonderful. We both knew we were for each other right away. We would talk every day a few times and well into the night.

He is coming this week and we will be booking our cruise and setting our wedding date for sometime in October (although he would love to do it now).

I truly love him and he never allows an hour to go by after he is off work without telling me how much he loves and appreciates me and my daughter. Had it not been for BlackSingles, I would not have met this wonderful man of GOD. So thank you so much Black Singles!!!


Janice & Andrew (shotgunminister)

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