We hit it off right away...

sclady & charlesmoody49

When I joined this site, my expectation was not the best because I had joined a few sites before and found that most of the men on the sites were not sincere about finding a mate, but more about playing games.

However, I decided to give this site a try and within a week of joining (April 17th) I sent a smile to charlesmoody49 of Denmark, SC or so I thought (his profile was showing Denmark, SC). He responded back by sending me a chat request, which I accepted. During our conversation I found out that he was actually in Washington, DC (he put in his old zip code by mistake). When I found out that he was not in SC, I was skeptical about getting to know him because a long distance relationship was not what I was looking for, but our conversations were so good that I decided to keep in contact with him. We would meet up online every night and chat for hours, then we started sending emails, then the phone calls started, then we decided to meet.

On June 12, 2009, he came to SC and spent the weekend. We hit it off right away and decided that we wanted to take the friendship to the next level. He has done more for me in 3 months than I could ever imagine and twice a month he sends me flowers at work. It has been a month since his visit and we are looking forward to the next one. He will be retiring in the next year and is planning to move back to SC.

Thank you BlackSingles and "YES" there are some good men on this site, you just have to weed out the bad ones.

sclady & charlesmoody49

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