We're so much in love with each other.

Ginger67 & Mufasared

Her Story:
I signed up with BlackSingles on June 11th '09 after typing into the google bar 'dating single black men in the UK'. [I'm British.] Within the first few minutes of browsing, it became apparent that this site predominately catered for American clients. However, I thought, "I've paid my money so I might as well stick around".

On the 17th of June '09, I received an e-mail from a man with the profile name of 'Mufasared'.
His interest in me was certain and the compliments were flowing, but I was not moved, because he physically did not fall into my stereotyped image of what my 'Mr. Right' should look like.

We continued to exchange conversations and to my surprise, I found my heart warming towards him. He was intelligent, respectful, caring, knew the word of God and made me laugh. [I couldn't quite understand the pull that he had on me, because at that point I was not attracted to him.]

However, one day he sent me a video message and I was able to see the animated Mufasared. It was then that I said to myself, "This man is quite sexy".

Well, since then we've grown closer and closer, via phone calls, twice a day, video link conversations and post correspondence.

We are serious about each other and have spoken about getting married, having children and living in the UK or the States. We are due to meet in Aug/Sept of this year.

We're so much in love with each other. He is the man that I have been praying to meet for the best part of my life and he has all the qualities a woman could ever want in a man. What makes it so wonderful is that these feelings are mutual.

I'd like to thank BlackSingles for providing us with this forum, since without your web site we wouldn't have met and I'd still be searching, in hope of filling that gap in my heart.

Thanks again,


His Story:
Once upon a time there was a man in the US who decided that in his backyard that maybe the love of his life would not be found. After joining BlackSingles and wading in the water of possibility, that which seemed highly improbable, became very probable. I met Ginger67 from the UK. After reading her profile and engaging in the many thought provoking conversations, we decided that a new love was born. I want to thank BlackSingles for the platform that brought Ginger67 and Mufasared together. Loving me some Ginger67.

Thank you,


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