Black Singles was the tool used in the journey of our destin

Letsagree & Essence2be

I joined "Black Singles" because I applaud Black Love, and this site was a link to that. I didn't think that I would be on long. So I signed up for three months. I began to chat with some very interesting and nice people. I came across a photo of a young lady that I immediately added to my favorites didn't and know why. I began to send her cards, emails, and smiles. I requested her number and she didn't respond quickly, she made me wait(she didn't know I have the patience of Job..LOL). I began to feel drawn to her by fate. We started to call one another and began dating. I was so struck by her "Brilliance and Great" personality. We have a lot in common and now we are a loving couple. Robin has stolen my heart so quickly, that when she pulled it out and left a hole, she then quickly fused our hearts together and put my heart back fused with hers. We beleive that God brought us together and He didn't make a mistake! Black Singles was the tool used in the journey of our destiny! Thank you Black Singles for being on cyberspace and the vehicle by which our hearts came together as one. Robin -N- Rubin 4 ever!



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