God used your site to connect us.

CP0419 & Hank1963

God is at the center of our relationship and we give him the credit for bringing us together. This is what happened. I joined the site and I'm not sure if it was the same day or not, but I was browsing the profiles because I was bored one evening. I hoped in my heart to meet someone, but because I did not have a photo on-line and there were so many profiles that would not even respond if you did not have a photo, I did not have much confidence in finding the love of my life. I did not plan on putting a photo on my profile because I wanted to meet someone who would love me for who I am inside and not because of how I look. I was paying more attention to the profiles without photos in hopes to at least find a pen pal. I have been extremely lonely and was just hoping for conversation, but hoped to connect with someone like me who is interested in the spirit and not physical appearance. I read Henry's profile and immediately knew I had to say something to him. He is in Dallas, Texas and I am in Tampa, Florida. I did not think he would respond because of the distance. I said in an email to him, "I like your profile, wish you were closer". I think it was the next day that he responded. We began sharing information about ourselves and promised each other to tell the truth about who we were and what we wanted. We found through conversation that we were soul mates and have the same religious beliefs, same likes and dislikes right down to the food we eat. Henry let me know that he would go any distance to find his wife and there was nothing more important then love. It was a few days before we even exchanged photos and by the time we did we were already deeply in love with each others spirit. Henry advised me he would leave everything behind and move to Florida so we can have a life together. He has an apartment and I have a house so that is why he is the one that would move. On Friday 10/1/2010 he will arrive in Tampa. We will be applying for our marriage license the same day and after the 3 day waiting period we will be married in my Pastor's office at the church we will both now be attending. God used your site to connect us. Henry said he read my profile and knew I was the one. He immediately let me know that distance was not an issue and that opened up our conversing for hours on the phone.



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