Going on 1-yr and not a complaint.


To All Of You At BlackSingles.com:

Thank you for all your efforts and fine work with putting a very professional program together. I was reluctant to use any internet dating because I'm from the ol' school of thought, that you meet partners in your every day movement. After observing a couple of nieces use this new age resource and even go onto successful marriages, my thought was so can I. Well, I took my quiet private space and time to enlist over a year ago and around Sept. 09', it happened for me. Guess what? Another one of your sites first time enlistee and I matched. A marriage and a Declaration of Domestic Partnership happened Dec. 09'. We are still honey-moonin!! It began with a family & friend introductory, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years, Black History Month, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Mothers & Father Day, business & leisure in D.C., family reunion in TX, and our 6-grandchillin are hanging tough. How much love can one ask for? Too much! Going on 1-yr and not a complaint, just ol' fashion compromising & care. I was so overwhelmed in Mar. 10', that I forgot to cancel my account, now another six months is before me. Just wanted to tell my success story and pray that others find their path as I have found mine.

Again, to all of you, I'm grateful.

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