He is so fine he blew my mind,

MrsDeeBurlington & Nicet

I was the one actually who sent him a smile, and he did respond. I decided at that point I wanted to send him my phone number so we could talk. I told him that we were adults and that I trusted him to have my phone number. He did call me and I missed his call. It gave me the opportunity to listen to his voice and it was sexy too. I called him back and he missed my call too, so it gave him a chance to hear my voice as well.
We finally connected on the phone and we talked for hours, it was like chemistry sparks through the phone right away. We talked every day since May 27, 2010. I have been to his home he has been to my home. My children like him very much I have talked to his mother, we also e-mail each other. I will be meeting his mother in person this Saturday. Tee is what I call him...he cooks me breakfast every morning and serves me in bed when I go to his house. He is so romantic, loving, caring and a good listener. We play games watch movies etc., He like to hold hands in public and love to kiss.
His profession that he’s into doesn’t allow me to show you pictures of him, but I thank god for meeting him every day. When he comes to visit me he cooks and is very involved with my children who are 25, 20, 18, 16...he is a family man for sure. I do cook also for him and we work side by side in the kitchen. He is very helpful, he buys me things for my home that he sees that I need. He buys food when he comes over to cook and also takes all of us out to have a good time Tee took me and my boys bowling two weekends ago and we had a wonderful time. Theres not a night that doesn’t goes by that we don’t talk to each other. We are going on a cruise for my birthday in September. It’s a birthday treat from Tee. Tasha I love Tee with all my heart and guess what... he told he love me too. He show me with his action how he feels about me. We were two people seeking love and we found it on Black Singles, we appreciate each other so much. I plan to marry him.We take turn visiting each other, one weekend he comes to me and the following weekend I come to him. He’s tall and handsome. He’s such a beautiful person. Ladies, all men that don’t post their picture is not because they are hiding something. It could be there profession that doesn’t allow them to post their picture. He sent me a picture right after our first conversation on the phone. I was very pleased with him. I don’t really base my relationship on how a man looks, but he is so fine he blew my mind, and of course he thought I was very attractive too. What ladies have to believe is that there are men on BlackSingles who are really waiting for love just like we were. We are making plans to be together. He was willing to relocate, but I think we will find a house in Delaware were it would be easier for him to commute to work and it not a problem for me. I could transfer or still drive to my job is South Jersey. Tee has been in the military and other task force and is also very well educated. I just want to thank you again and I will keep in touch with our plans.


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