It FEELS very right


Don't know for sure, because he's 600 miles away, but,, HE took several looks at my profile, and hesitated BECAUSE I was so far away, then finally contacted me, and we have been talking ever since via phone and FEELS very right, but, we are BOTH just very guarded at this point, but, I have more HOPE in him right, than ANYBODY I've met in the past 4 years that was/is in my zip code, so, we may be taking it slow, but, we BOTH feel a TOTAL connection and vibe, and we are (actually) thankful for the opportunity to HAVE to take it slow, and "find" the connection long distance, B 4 we commit to the inevitable chemistry of "in person" we both KNOW will be there! Reluctantly, I have to give the credit to I "hope" to keep you updated with (what I hope) will be a REAL connection. Willie is the sweetest person/man I've "met" in a very long time!! Thanks Really.

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