We both felt like we had found what we were searching for.

jjtwins & inhereyes

Hello BlackSingles family, I'm jjtwins. I initially joined the site for a break from the normal dating scene. I must say that it was addicting in the beginning, fun, exciting and entertaining!!!! However, as I became more serious about this venture, I learned how to categorize the individuals that seem to have a different agenda than I. I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of a few nice gentlemen, whom I wish the very best of luck to. By faith, I was presented with a smile from "inhereyes", First, always, always keep an open mind and heart so that you DO NOT BLOCK YOUR BLESSINGS!!!. I started dialog with this beautiful, gentle, God-fearing, attentive, handsome, family oriented, Christian man. We chatted, had a cordial dinner date and found that we both felt like we had found what we were searching for. We planned our next date, which was a romantic beach get-away! After deep conversation, laughter, life story exchanges, we knew that we were headed in the same direction, but decided that we wanted to be together as one. Today we are together, happy, excited, satisfied and planning our future.
Once again, thanks to the BlackSingles family site.


"inhereyes" &'jjtwins'

God Bless!

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