We both knew without a doubt that we had found our soul-mate


Just wanted to let you guys know of my success story on your site. I have tried a few dating sites. I met a few nice people, but none that I connected with. At my wits end, I told myself that I would try one more site, which happened to be BlackSingles. After about 2 weeks of being on the site, I received a message from Marshall. I viewed his profile and thought him to be interesting. However the case, I had been communicating with someone else on a regular basis. Only wanting to communicate with one person at a time, I informed Marshall of this letting him know although I found him interesting, I wanted to focus on one person at a time. He then wished me well, but at the same time letting me know that he wasn't giving up on getting to know me, because he strongly felt that if I didn't have any connection with the guy I was communicating with already then he wasn't the man for me. To make a long story short, Marshall was right. After meeting the guy, although he was very nice, there was zero chemistry. I immediately informed Marshall of this and we began to communicate regularly, most nights talking on the phone until the wee hours of morning. We met after a week of our first conversation and we both knew without a doubt that we had found our soul-mate. We met Feb. 21 and I'm proud to announce that we were married exactly 2 months later on April 22. Thank you so much for being a wonderful dating-site!



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