We could not be a better match for each other...

missKutie2 & househead88

Mike (househead88) and I began to email each other through the use of this website. We lost contact with each other due to personal circumstances that were happening. Luckily Mike decided to look me up on another social networking website. I in turn emailed Mike through Blacksingles and we began to continuously talk from there. The one thing that Mike and I had to know was if there was a connection in person (because Mike lives in another state 3 hours away from me). Luckily we both felt that there was. After Tiffany perfume, a dozen long stemmed red roses, and a dinner boat cruise around New York City, we both committed ourselves by the end of the night to each other knowing that we did not have to look any farther for such a phenomenal match. Our connection was so strong that people on the cruise thought that Mike and I had been dating for years and this was our anniversary date as an already established couple. I am excited to say that April 10th will continue to be our special and phenomenal day because we are making this day our wedding day this coming year (2011) to honor the day of our first date. Even though we are still working on bridging our lives together, we could not be a better match for each other and we would like to thank Blacksingles for being an outlet to find each other. Even with being 3 hours from each other, we both know and realize that when two people are meant to be with each other, then we will make concessions to bridge our lives and continue our life long path having each other in our lives. Again, thank you for the avenue and path for that to happen. Even though we initially thought that we didn't want to share our story, we have now realized that we must in order to share the joy with Blacksingles that it can work (even after meeting some crazy people at times). Again thank you. We are truly blessed and extremely happy!

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