We have so much in common it was incredible!


Her Story:
I met the man of my dreams; my soul mate; after having my profile on-line for about a week. We started conversing on-line for a few days and then we spoke on the phone a few times (for hours and hours!!). Our conversations were so deep and we have so much in common it was incredible! Finally he asked if he could come visit me and it was love at first sight. We are going to visit my parents for the 4th of July and he is going to ask for my parents blessings. Thank you sooo much Blacksingles.com!! You guys have a great thing going on. I love you as much as EGBSR22!!!!!


His Story:
This was really a special gift from the man upstairs. I was doing my usual routine. I would come home, turn on my computer and check my mail and then I would go to BlackSingles.com and see if I had any messages or cards, etc. Once I checked that, I did a search for my surrounding area and I came across her picture. I never seen the picture before of course. I sent her a message and patiently waited on a response. I really didn't expect one back because she's such a beautiful woman and I thought she wouldn't have time, knowing her box would be full. Needless to say she commented back and informed me that she was interested in chatting. We chatted on the computer for a few minutes and then she gave me her phone number and asked me to call. From that moment on, we went to the level that we are at right now. I have never felt this way about a woman before. I mean we have so much in common. When we finally met, which was 1 week after meeting here, we hugged each other for probably about a solid 5 minutes not wanting to let each other go. It's like we've been searching for each other for such a long time. We do everything together. She's definitely the love of my life and I don't know what I'd do without her in it. I wasn't a real believer in this online dating thing, but this has really changed my mind and my life. Thank you and my future wife. You have a good thing going here and I'm truly proud of the fact that I joined because if I hadn't I wouldn't have my soul mate!!

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