We never thought we'd ever find the love of our lives online


I met the love of my life on this website back in August of 2003. (then, the website was Black Singles Connection). It was my first time ever joining a dating website. Shortly after I became a member, I viewed some photos of men that were a high (%) match for me. I didn't act or send a mingle mail on the site. However, there was one guy whose photo I viewed that was only in the low 80's percentage of a match for me. I saw his picture and thought he looked "nice enough" but I thought he looked very serious and probably had no sense of humor (LOL), but we had a lot of things in common when I read his profile. I didn't send him a mingle mail, though. I remained on the site joining in on the discussion boards (which I loved) meeting new and interesting people online while having interesting discussions on the boards. After a few weeks, I received a mingle mail from the very same "serious" looking man that I mentioned above. He said it was his first time on a dating site and he liked my profile and picture and thought I was someone he'd "like to get to know". We corresponded through the mingle mails on the site for a while. Eventually, we exchanged email addresses and then phone numbers. He lived on one side of the state and I lived on the other. He was in the Army, but was now stationed in the states. Trying to make a long story short........we finally met in person 8 months later after talking and writing almost every day (he came to my town for a visit). It was love at first sight (sounds corny, but it's really true). The first time he saw me, he grabbed me and gave me the biggest kiss like something out of a movie. He arrived by train that first day. He told a group of people traveling together on the train that he was going to meet his future wife (unbeknownst to me at the time). As we were leaving the station together, the group of people from the train yelled across the parking lot: "did she say yes?". He looked at me and explained what he'd told them. I smiled and yelled back "Yes"! (this is a true story, believe it or not). After commuting back and forth, we were married 7 months later. He relocated to my town. We've been happily, blissfully married for 5 1/2 years and counting. This was the 2nd marriage for both of us - so we felt especially blessed to have found someone special at this point in our lives (our children were all grown and living on their own). We never thought we'd ever find the love of our lives online. But, we did! How about that? (and we still laugh about my first impression of his picture I saw online......he has a great sense of humor!)

Peace and love to you all.


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