Success Stories: 2010

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Reddsplace1 & Curvaciously1

It is a great story...Simply amazing and she is just that...amazing and I am lucky to have her in my life right now.

We met in the chatroom. We had been communicating off and on for about a few days in August of 09. That's when we first met. So one day, Curvaciously was speaking with another member about the UK and how he had visited there one time before. For you see, Curvaciously is from the UK. So when I had seen that discussion, I jumped in and told Curvaciously that I had been there too. After that, we just started talking and she had noticed that I ride bikes (sports motorcycles) and we talked about that for while. Then one thing started leaning towards another and then she just answered my knock at her door. That's one of our sayings to each other, by her being over there in the UK and me being here in the States. We just fell in love with each other. And we've been together and happy every since that day in August of 09.

I am planning to go there to visit with her family and friends in July and then she and her son are planning on coming back with me so that we can take a mini honeymoon down in South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) and then after that, we're planning on heading to Jamaica for our wedding in Sept.

Curvaciously is a beautiful and remarkable woman. She completes me, she knows every thing about me, and she knows my thoughts as well as I know hers. She's smart, funny, generous, thoughtful, and family minded..shes everything that a man is looking for in a woman. If one didn't know any better, you would swear that I love this woman, which I do. I love her so very, very much. So when they say that a person has a Soul Mate, I can honestly say that it is true, because without a shadow of a doubt, I have found mine and it's her.

So I have BlackSingles to thank for this match made in heaven. So thank you Blacksingles! Without you, none of this would have been made possible. Because I was saying at the time that this was going to be my last website at trying to find my perfect match. So not only did I find her, I found my best friend and Soul Mate as well. So thank you again Blacksingles!

Sincerely yours;

Johnny & Yvonne


Well, you guys have done it again!

I met my late wife on this site and now I have met someone else with whom I am going to explore a relationship.

Out of all the sites I have tried, this one is the very best. Your charges are reasonable, the women on the site are very pleasant, interesting, considerate, and you make a great effort to keep the abusers off (with a little help from your friends) ;>)

I hope that this relationship will last me the rest of my life, but if I ever need another, you can be sure that I will look here (you will
have to open up an "extreme geriatric section").

Again, thanks, and best wishes!



I met the love of my life on this site. I am extremely happy, but in shock that I actually made such a connection on this this site. We are going steady, and plan to get married sometime this year if not the beginning of next year. This was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me on a dating site as I have been on many, but not one as wonderful as this one. Thank you so much for helping me to have met the true love of a lifetime. Kim

Friendtoall & Worthalook

We were engaged March 27, 2010. We started corresponding last April of '09. Until we met in November in Hawaii, we never realized how perfect we were for each other. Meeting as email pals, we parted and we asked ourselves, "What Happened in Waikiki!" After that we were inseparable.

I went to Miami for New Years to to meet his family and friends. Thereafter Charles joined me in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. The distance of Hawaii and Vancouver Canada isn't far when you find your kindred spirit. We average twice a month seeing each other taking turns in the traveling. Black Singles is ideal if you are serious in finding your life partner.

Charles and Sharon will be married in the Spring of 2011. God Bless!




I received an email from a lady stating that she enjoyed my profile and picture. I responded immediately and we have been talking non-stop since. We recently decided to enter into a relationship and removed our profiles from the site.

Thank you Black Singles!


At first I was disappointed in locating singles from my area and I was going to cancel early. But while chatting with a member from a state that was hundreds of miles away, he advised me that finding true love is not so easy as such is life. If that was the case, unconditional love would only be 5 mins away. He advised that I hang on in there a little while longer. I took his advise and continued my membership for another month. As I was getting more familiar with the the site I discovered a search section where I could view profiles and check if I felt that members and myself were a match. I said Yes to only one member who was from Texas. The next day while checking my E-mail, I opened my mail that said "You Both Said YES! After exchanging a few cards and messages we spoke on the phone and eventually we contacted one another on Skype. In my opinion he was perfect! He was my Prince on a white horse that came and swooped me up. It's only been a month, but my heart is so positive about "my man" that I feel we will live "Happily Ever After'!!


We met on Black Singles after the new year and had several conversations via phone before meeting. I can say it was an immediate connection when we saw each other, but we took time getting to know each other. The experience I had was a first, using an online meeting place so naturally I was apprehensive and cautious and since it was completely at my leisure to give of my personal space and time, I felt so comfortable when we did meet. This man has so much I was seeking in a mate, the personal matching questions really gave me some insight as to his character and that was so important to me. I think he would agree! Because we share so much of the same core values, the discussion of a long term relationship didn't take long. We will see what happens!


I met my Sweetheart when his profile and picture appeared on the member slideshow. I sent him an email because his profile and picture were very interesting. He responded immediately, and we have been talking non-stop ever since. We recently became a couple and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Black Singles!


My name is Maccabee and The Almighty God - The Christ allowed my heart to connect with Angel in a special way. I have diligently labored trying to follow the journey redesigned for me after coming into the knowledge of God. As a Brother to all mankind, nothing is more important than our obedience to The Creator. I have found an awesome and delicate sister who understands her womanhood and the dynamics which I fit into to compliment her. I have learned compassion through trial and suffering. I learned the resurrection power of a second chance at transparency and love is forever at our disposable- just let go and live life in pursuit of happiness.

After speaking from heart and spirit I was given a special replica, a woman named Angel. The ultimate destination is to become one. I am among men, highly favored to walk with Angel in this journey of life.

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