Success Stories: 2010

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I met a wonderful man, he is everything that I've ever wanted in a man. He's kind, warm, gentle, tall and handsome. My life has been complete. He has changed my life and I love him so much.

Thanks BlackSingles for your support.



I met the man of my dreams 6 months ago and he has been enough for me to close my account. We are going forward with an exciting new life ahead of us. Thank to, I finally found my lover, my friend, and confidant.


I met the love of my life on this site, and the funny thing is I was being such an ass because she didn't have her picture up, I thought she was a bot. She finally put pics up, and they were ok.
We finally met for coffee a few days later, and all I can say is OMG! Someone hand me a handkerchief because not only am I salivating, but I forgot how to close my mouth! The funny thing is, she just wanted to meet me in person to tell me off. Our chemistry was so strong, I would swear cupid was working at Starbucks that night.
And when we kissed, it was like a black and white movie! It sealed the deal!

Thank you BlackSingles for having this site, and I never knew such a site could be so good!!



Through BlackSingles, I met my perfect mate. I do mean perfect (for me) in every way. I was about to cancel my subscription, but forgot to change my auto renewal status, therefore I was billed for another 3 months. I am so very glad that it slipped my mind! Because a few days later I met the most wonderful, God-fearing, God-loving, Gentleman...

On January 30th he, Lionel, made his initial contact with me, but I was out of town and did not reply until February 2nd. Since that time we have not missed a day talking, sharing, and laughing with one another.

We decided it was time to meet so he flew to California on Thursday, February 18th. It was a perfect match! As we continued visiting some of LA's (Los Angeles) great spots, we never stopped talking and laughing. On Sunday, February 21st, I took him to LAX to catch a 10:30am flight back to New York. Just as I was about to have a cup of coffee, the phone rang; he said, "come and get me, we are going to the JP (Justice of Peace) to get married. My reply, "I'm on my way!"

We were married on Sunday, February 25, 2010. THANK YOU BLACKSINGLES! We are forever in your debt.

For those of you still looking, don't give up. Your perfect mate is out there waiting just for you. You may have to kiss a few frogs along the way, but your prince or princess is out there...Peace and God Bless you in your quest for LOVE.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen


When I started this journey, I was very optimistic. I enjoyed searching and finding such an abundance of diversity in the selection of singles. I was specific in my preferences. Many of the men who read my profile were very nice. I received smiles and cards and was grateful for every one of them. When my special someone and I connected, we clicked almost immediately. We wrote each other frequently on the site. We sent each other the cards. When we felt comfortable enough to exchange email addresses, we emailed each other a lot. Eventually we felt it was time to connect by phone. The ABSOLUTE BEST 12 HOUR CONVERSATION I EVER HAD. WOW! That's all I can say. We have been going strong ever since. We are in a long distance relationship for now. We are very happy and I thank for being there. I thank him for using as well.


I saw someone that I recognized that I hadn't seen or spoken to in over 20 years on I couldn't believe he was single, yet alone a member of a singles dating network. I sent him a smile and he didn't respond immediately, but eventually did and we went for coffee a few days later and have been inseparable since that fateful day. He has since, and by the way was the first to remove his profile from, however he didn't tell he had. It came up later in a conversation and that's when I knew it was time for me to do the same. We are truly in Love (he's here and says "YES WE ARE". Thanks




Personally, internet dating is scary and a little uncomfortable for me, but considering my circumstances here in Kuwait, I thought why not give it a try. After being on your site for a very short period of time, I was reading my emails, but thought I would view some people that had looked at my profile. This gentleman, "CoachDH", stood out. I decided to write him and said " Hey, why did you visit my profile without saying hello to me" and it was all good from there. We have talked everyday since that first message and I can honestly say we love each thank you BlackSingles for creating an avenue for me to meet my first love.

Cubanmixx & Sweetwillie1947

My name was Cubanmixx his was Sweet Willie1947. I'm sixty and he's sixty-three. I was widowed and he was divorced. I hit him up and simply said hello, he hit me back and said I just love your smile. This was around April 10, 2009. Come to find out, we were raised in the same home town in Florida, he was born ten miles from my father's hometown (and knew my father personally, who has been decreased seven years now). He's surely my soul mate. We are each others best friend and everyone that comes to know our story are truly in awe. We're truly, truly, happy. Our Wedding is March 13, 2010.


I met the love of my life on this website back in August of 2003. (then, the website was Black Singles Connection). It was my first time ever joining a dating website. Shortly after I became a member, I viewed some photos of men that were a high (%) match for me. I didn't act or send a mingle mail on the site. However, there was one guy whose photo I viewed that was only in the low 80's percentage of a match for me. I saw his picture and thought he looked "nice enough" but I thought he looked very serious and probably had no sense of humor (LOL), but we had a lot of things in common when I read his profile. I didn't send him a mingle mail, though. I remained on the site joining in on the discussion boards (which I loved) meeting new and interesting people online while having interesting discussions on the boards. After a few weeks, I received a mingle mail from the very same "serious" looking man that I mentioned above. He said it was his first time on a dating site and he liked my profile and picture and thought I was someone he'd "like to get to know". We corresponded through the mingle mails on the site for a while. Eventually, we exchanged email addresses and then phone numbers. He lived on one side of the state and I lived on the other. He was in the Army, but was now stationed in the states. Trying to make a long story short........we finally met in person 8 months later after talking and writing almost every day (he came to my town for a visit). It was love at first sight (sounds corny, but it's really true). The first time he saw me, he grabbed me and gave me the biggest kiss like something out of a movie. He arrived by train that first day. He told a group of people traveling together on the train that he was going to meet his future wife (unbeknownst to me at the time). As we were leaving the station together, the group of people from the train yelled across the parking lot: "did she say yes?". He looked at me and explained what he'd told them. I smiled and yelled back "Yes"! (this is a true story, believe it or not). After commuting back and forth, we were married 7 months later. He relocated to my town. We've been happily, blissfully married for 5 1/2 years and counting. This was the 2nd marriage for both of us - so we felt especially blessed to have found someone special at this point in our lives (our children were all grown and living on their own). We never thought we'd ever find the love of our lives online. But, we did! How about that? (and we still laugh about my first impression of his picture I saw online......he has a great sense of humor!)

Peace and love to you all.


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