Success Stories: 2006

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Hello, My name is "Rosaline" and this will be the very last time that I will come on (formerly Black Singles Connection), and that's a wonderful thing!

The reason is that I have recently married my husband and life partner whom I met through It's kind of interesting how it all happened, and I'll share a little just for the sake of encouraging those who may feel like giving up.

I've used off and on since 2000 when my then 20 year old daughter introduced me to internet dating. I was hesitant, but she insisted that I had been alone long enough (spent the past 14+ years single & raising my children) and that it was time I found a good man. Well, long story - short, a good man that was right for me wasn't so easy to come by, but it did finally happen.

I've met all kinds on (and I'm sure the Brothas can same the same). Some men were just looking for quick sex (so ladies beware), while others wanted more but didn't have a clue what or how to discern it (so ladies be wise and know what you want), still others were basically good men who just weren't "my" man and were just passing me by on the way to their "soulmate" (so ladies be patient). But, then it happened, and quite unexpectedly...

On October 14, 2005 while browsing once again after a 11 month "off" period (had just ended an 11 month relationship with a man I'd met on 2 days prior after facing the fact that we were not compatible enough for marriage, which is what I ultimately wanted) - I met my husband. He lives in North Carolina and I lived in California at the time, so I wasn't really looking at him as a potential mate when I IMd him, but what he said on his profile impressed me so that I just wanted to say "hey there Brotha, your words made me feel better - hopeful!"

Well, we connected. And, when I was about to say goodbye after a brief period of chatting, he gave me his phone number and the rest is history (or should I say - our story. We talked on the telephone everyday after that and within a very short period of time we both realized that we had found something special in each other. We were married on November 23rd, a little over a month after meeting, and begun our new life together just this past week.

I just want to thank for this forum as it has been a Godsend. And, I want to encourage the ladies who are still looking to (1) don't sell yourself short, (2) know who you are, whose you are, and what you need and want, and (3) be patient and trust that one day you will be blessed as I have.

The best for the year 2006 and all others...


I met my husband on your website in Feb 05. He was in MN and I am in NM. This site brought us together and we married on Christmas Eve 05. Meeting my husband on your website was definitely worth the investment of being a member. Thank you.

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