Success Stories: 2006

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I received a smile from Foster and although he lived in Virginia and I live in Florida, he took the time to send me a smile followed by a card. He said I was "only a plane ride away". I thought that was so very sweet as he did not give up because of distance. We talk every night since 9/3/06 and he sent me a ticket to fly there for a BBQ at his home and I had no "reservations" about going. We both have so much in common - I am yellow and he is blue.

Your site is totally geared to make on-line dating easy. You don't have to think of words, you have smiles, cards, opening lines, everything. I will keep you posted on our progress.

P.S. He is 64 and I am 59.




I met the man of my dreams here and I am happier than I have ever been in years. There are no words to describe how much we love each other and ready to spend a lifetime together!

HAPPY01 & Bishme

Hello my user name is Happy 01 and his user name is Bishme...Linda and Donald met on black singles 07/07 and both of our lives have changed for the better..It's like me both know what it is like to be loved and in love..I feel as thou I have known Donald for years; instead of a few months...We both enjoy each other so much that we are discussing spending our lives together.. We would not have crossed paths; if it was not for black singels..I have truely found the man of my dreams and we are inseperable...Thanks again for black singles

ladyleo741 & tallandretired

Thank you so much for making it possible for me to meet the dream man of my life. He is a gentleman and very compassionate and so very
understanding. We started talking in April and have been in touch with each other.on a real continuous basis. We finally met on July 12th. What a great time we had getting to know each other. We shared many stories and concerns regarding our lives. We found out that we truly share many wonderful and common interests. "tallandretired" and "ladyleo" are now together and off the market. (SMILE) I have found the man who will make my life so complete. He has brought so much JOY and HAPPINESS to my life. Will keep you informed of the status of our happy meeting.


First I just want to say thanku to Tasha.
I got on BS sometime in April, and I must say that I have met some good and some bad, but mostly good.
I was just about to end my membership for the month of September and my God, I have truly been blessed by finding the greatest love of my life. I have 3 beautiful sons and they r all grown teens, so u can imagine the oppertunity of raising another son at the tender age of 6yrs old have surprised me. But I would love nothing more than to be Matthews Mother, u see he has never had that in his life. I am know as Houspice and he is known as RoBoCop40., not to mention he was only here for a couple of weeks and we found one another.
Owen has showed me so much love and he and his
son Matthew will be a welcomed addition. We have decided there is no reason to wait when the love is as great as this one. Owen and Matthew will be flying in this weekend Sept 23rd and he has said at that time he will properly ask my hand in marriage. We originally said December would be the month for us to marry, but both of us have since said why wait. The wedding could be as early as next week. We will fly to an island with Matthew and the 3 of us will stand together on a sandy white beach and exchange vows to one another.
We will also present little Matthew with a ring to indicate that I am marrying his dad and him as my son.
Please wish us well and keep us in ur prayers.

Tasha thank u for all that u do and I will tell everyone looking for a soulmate to look here. I really love the way the site is policed and u keep it real. It's not a dirty site like the others.

Owen, Matthew and myself will send u pic of our wedding.

love houspice and robocop40 forever


I want to thank you and for helping me find the true love of my life.

LUCH2LE & I have connected on so many levels. I think we will be together for the rest of our lives. He is everything I want and so much more. I never thought I would find someone who would make me feel so special all the time, even when we are not near one another. Again, I just wanted to thank you all.

Truly, V.I. Very Important a.k.a. Vivian


Love transcends borders.

I have connected with the most wonderful man on BSC. He lives in the US and I live in Canada. Since we made the connection on BSC, we have kept Ma Bell in business and both have shares in Air Canada and American Airlines:)!!!

It has been quite the whirlwind romance! We have built a relationship based on honesty, trust and respect. We both had outlined exactly what we were looking for on BSC and we found each other. No hidden agendas, no misrepresentations, just a desire to find someone real who can contribute to each others spiritual and emotional growth. We are currently making plans for him to move to Canada to join me. We know we are perfect for each other, so marriage, a family is not far away. I truly love him and I know he loves me. The first week we started speaking, we removed our pictures from BSC (proof that "no pic, no action" is a fair adage on BSC:)

Im busting with joy and just wanted to share my success story:) I know he is going to submit one as well:) We have to share our story of how your forum brought us together. It is a professional, well put together forum.

You might wonder why I havent taken my profile down as time...He loves to receive a message in his inbox, from BSC..someone has sent you a smile- and to see that its from me:) Afterall this is where we met. We want to savour every minute of this experience:)

I never thought fairytales could come true but they do.

teb38 & kreamykaramel

Thank you for allowing me to find the love of my life. Before you, I have given up on the dateing life. All I was running into was the wrong type of women. But Thanks to you my heart has a new beat in life. My screen name is teb38 and hers is kreamykaramel, and now I know why I've been single for as long as I have. T he lord was saving me for my angel, and when I laid my eyes on her..... my heart skipped a beat..... I had to look twice at her because the first time I saw her I saw wings on her back. This woman took my breath away. We like the same things in life and most of all she loves me and I love her more than life itself.


Dear Black Singles, I cannot thank you enough for running this site, as I have been in contact with the most wonderful man called Thomas Jean. Although I am in the UK and he is in St Lucia, we have made such a connection, we have spoken to each other on the phone, and everyday he sends me virtual flowers. He is bringing up his children alone and that makes him a very special man to me. I am hoping to go visit sometime, and he is very respectful of my suggesting I stay in a hotel. We talk everyday, in fact it's the first thing I do when I come in from work. It's difficult because of the time difference (5hrs) but I wouldn't miss 1 day without being able to talk to him. Once again I thank you for bringing us together.

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