Success Stories: 2006

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copperdiva & johnbbrown

I had given up hope of meeting someone on any of the dating sites. I had actually decided to stop my subscription, and then johnbbrown sent me a smile and the rest is history! We would have never met had it not been for God and Now we are starting the next chapter of our life together! Thanks for being there for us and helpomg us find each other!


I was referred to this site a couple of months ago by a good female friend. She told me that I needed to get a life and start meeting some nice folks. You see, I generally work 15 hours or more a day. I help others but had not done anything for myself lately.

At first, I received quite a bit of emails without my picture. After being on the site for a few weeks I decided that it was a unique site and that the people whom I had chatted with seemed to be very nice, respectable, and hardworking people looking for the same things that I was searching for.

After I put my picture on site I started getting so many emails that my box could not contain them all. One day, I was forwarded a 100% match. I decided to communicate with this man by email. We emailed each other everyday for weeks. We then decided that it was safe to exchange numbers. What did we do that for!!! The chemistry was on and from that point on it has been like we have known each other all of our lives.

He is the most nicest and sweetest man that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His spirit is so kind and considerate. Cannot believe that he had not been taken for he certainly is a great catch. Sometimes in life I believe that we look for looks, material things, and forget about seeking a person with a sincere heart, a right mind, and a sweet spirit. By doing that, we lose our purpose for what we are asking looking for. So many soul mates have missed the mark because they never recognized what was right in front of them, substance, not fantasy.

Even though we live miles apart, we have decided that our friendship is worth pursuing and that we do have almost everything in common. I feel so blessed to know him!!

I look forward to more positive happenings between the two of us as we spend more time together. I do not intend to look any further for I think that I have met my soul mate.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Their is no way that this could have happened without God's blessings, and I would refer this site to anyone who truly wants to meet their soul mate. My advice to those who use this site is "do not judge a book by it's cover, get to know the inner person, you might just find what you have been missing. "



msladybrownstone & HEAVYDLOVE

On July 28th I Msladybrownstone started to receive emails from Heavydlove. We met on Aug 6th and he took me to meet his mother. We enjoyed each others company and now we are talking about sharing a life together. Things have happened so fast, I miss him when he is out of my sight. We spend every moment that we can together. He is wonderful, He caters to my every need and he is a God fearing man with lots of good qualities. He makes me laugh, he cooks for me, he treats me like a queen. He is very loving and affectionate. I know this was a blessing from God almighty and I have to thank you Lord for that. Good luck everyone with finding your soul mate, because I have found mine. Msladybrownstone and HEAVYDLOVE.

Isaiah_daniels & sweet thang 1207

When I first came to this website, I was scared and I was unsure. It was not that I was really looking for a friend, but then agian I was, I was very stressed out, so this was more like what I did for down time. But then I started talking to sweet thang 1207 and you know I really like talking to her and then we exchanged numbers and we started talking. We are Kinda of dating now, but we plegde to always be honest to each other and that is the bottom line.

You just have to be yourself. Distance does play a role but you can get over that.

So I want to say this to all of you that are thinking about hooking up but are not sure, go with your heart and pray to God and after that talk to each other, and I want to say this:

Deondra thank for coming into my life at this time, you are my angel of peace.

rhain2006 & Trishann

It’s funny how things turn out, 3 months ago when I joined this site I read a number of the success stories, my reaction was the perfunctory “that’s nice” not truly giving any thought that I would have a success story to share. After being on the site for about 2 months, Jul 4th to be exact, I found someone I truly believe is the person I am destined to spend the rest of my life. Though Trishann and I live on opposite coasts, I on the east and she on the west, there isn’t a day that has gone by since our first email where we’re not talking or texting each other, thank you Verizon in-calling.

Though I was not jaded by divorce, however, it did leave me feeling extremely apprehensive, esp. about getting involved in another long term relationship. Meeting Trishann has allowed me to open up to the various possibilities that exist in my life as well as hers. The very possibility to again love someone deeply and create a lasting and meaningful life with her.

The wonderful thing I have learned about internet meeting is that it is hard to “fake the funk.” You put exactly what you want from a prospective partner while you speak of your true and honest qualities to attract that potential partner. When Trishann first emailed me, she was brutally honest even about her physical description about herself, I quote, “By the way I'm full figured …If [that] is a problem for you to have conversation [with me], then I'm not the one to talk to.” Well Black Singles, I have you to thank for serving as the medium that has brought Trishann and I together. We will have our first date during the Labor Day weekend and I know the rest, as they say, will be history.

Thank you.
Rhain2006 & Trishann

keyshone & Sexy-slim-fl

Hello my name is keyshone and on june25th 2006 I met a women by the name of Sexy-slim-fl. I began sending her smiles with no response so I thought maybe I was not her type. So after a couple of days a reply came and I read it. It stated that she was flattered that I would send her a smile. We began to share conversation on the instant mingle messenger day after day, just casual conversation nothing personal at first, then when we got comfortable with each others conversation. That's when it got personal the share of life. Thoughts and goals really struck our attention to each other. Seeing that we had the same things in common, made it seem like we had know each other for years and even made it seem like we were talking to ourselves because it seemed like we were just a like. But our birthdays being on the same day really made us think that we wanted a person that was just like ourselves. So we took in all the information that we could from each other and made a judgement of who was going to come where so we could meet but everything was not going in our favor because we had real bad schedules. But we really wanted to see each other so we made the plan for me to drive down and see her but that back fired. Then we made the plan to for us to meet in Chicago for the Labor Day holiday. It sounded good at first but I started going through some things at the job that I was at and I ended up just saying forget everything. But she would not let me she told me don't worry. If I ever need her she will be there all I had to do was reach out to her and take her hand. And that's just what I did with out thinking twice. We now live together and are as happy as ever we plan on getting married in the near future and prepare to have a family. Thanks to this site we are two of the happiest people on this earth. I myself couldn't ask for a better person to share the rest of my life with. We are two of a kind. I want to thank the makers of this site and I want to let everyone know that there is love here. It just depends on what you are looking for. If you go into it with your heart and soul you will find the right person for you all you have to do is pray and keep your mind on a positive note and everything will go your way.

Melbear & blessin2u

I have found the one who was looking for me. To my surprise she and I have everything in common, most importantly Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as the center of our lives. The first time I talked to her I wanted to talk to her some more and when we finally phoned each other we talked for hours on end. To say I was overwhelmed when I finally met her in person would be an understatement. God really knows how to answer and honor me with His best. Thank you so very much Black Singles for being there, you all are great.

Her user name is blessin2u and mime of course was melbear. Thank you so very much again for the hookup. Peace and blessings to you.

Bless your bones!


I met someone who touch my Soul, Spirit and We both felt as if we knew each other and lost touch and found one another again. They are my Best Friend and Soul mate. Thank-You you match Was right for Us, we couldn't be happier. May You also Find that Special someone..Don't give up.


HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!! Thanks to BSC, I am blessed to have found my Mr. 1 N A Million.
Dr. Paul C. is a Godly, humble, gentle, and loving man, and very good looking I might add, who has captivated my heart and connected with my spirit. We both were about to throw in the towel, when we noticed each other. Clicked yes and the rest is history. His trip here to Tampa confirmed everything we had hoped and prayed for. For now we are both thankful to God for what He has already done, what He is doing, and for all He is about to do in our lives as we become closer.
I find Paul to be a man of his word and trustworthy.
I can honor this man, respect him, accept his authority, live, love and learn from him. I can think of nothing I would enjoy more as we become closer than thinking of ways to please and give him joy. I have been blessed through your services and will not be renewing my membership.


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