Success Stories: 2007

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cocophifer & ericjaxn

Just a quick note to say "thanks"
I have enjoyed membership for several years and have met many, many wonderful people. While I was a very skeptical user at first, online dating has been fun, stress free and very accomodating to my crazy work/travel schedule. I had no idea, however, that you guys would help me to find the man of my dreams. I met ericjaxn online in November 2006. The chemistry was instantaneous. We clicked. We fit. We fell in love. And, we are getting married in June 2007. Thanks so much!!!! -Cocophifer

ephemeralsamsara & Prettybr0wneyez

I met and am dating former user Prettybr0wneyez off your site. She took her profile of yesterday. We've been together for four months, we've had a lot to learn about the other, but it's all been worth it.
I really love this woman and would be honored to spend the rest of my life with her. Thank you black singles

Crsti & Laporia

I have been on this site for a few years but not serious in my pursuit until 6 months ago. I met the man of my dreams I read his profile he knew exactly what he wanted and what he is cablable of giving. When I gave him my cell # he called after a couple of days and when we talked I could hear his profile speaking. There was an immediate connection in my mind I pursued to meet him. We are about 400 miles away but I thought I would give it a try the chemistry between us was so strong. I went to meet him for a long weekend I had refundable tickets just in case. As you may figure that was not the case WE had a wonderful long weekend together When I met him in person again the profile he wrote was very present. My words of advise. Know exaclty what is is you are looking for. If your have a strong moral or belief make sure it is understood from the beginning. Practice what you preach; in other words Be real about yourself. Put Trust, Honesty, Respect and Unconditional Love high on your list ; relationships need these key fundamentals in order to be the best they can be.
Laporia thank you for giving me the opportunity to make you happy. I look forward to being your wife someday in the near future. I love you dearly Crsti


You never know whats around the corner, I met a gorgeous lady, that blew me air. We are happy married and I'm now moving to the states, where we will be united forever, thanks to Blacksingles.

We first met on this site, It was smiles first, message then IM ing, Minutes turned to hours and now marriage. Thank you

Debbiecutie & Timesright

Hi, I'm Debbiecutie and I met Timesright on your site, 3/17/07. We have been burning up the phone lines ever since. We met in person two weeks ago. Now we are planning our future together. To everyone who thinks that you can't find true love online, think again. I want to thank everyone for the smiles, mail & cards that were sent to me. I want to especially Thank Black Singles for introducing me to my future husband.

blackdeva & grainge

I join about one year ago out of curiosity but I thought no one could ever find true love on the internet. After being on for a while although I got smiles, cards and IM messages no one never really spark my interest. I got bored and remove my profile but re-activate it again. After re-activating my profile I continue to get smiles, cards and IM messages but there no nothing click. One day I got a smile from ‘grainge’, but unfortunately I was not a subscribe member therefore I was unable to IM him and he was not online when I was online. We keep sending smiles and cards. Finally one day I was online and he was there and he IM me, and that was went it all started.

He was all I ever wanted in a man full of love and compassion. We are so much in love with each other and I want to thank blacksingles for bringing us together. We are in a committed lifetime relationship. To all who send me smiles and cards thanks but I have found the love of my life. Thanks once again blacksingles.

blackdeva & grainge

texmac40 & sheshe05

My name is George and I have meant a wonderful woman on your site, sheshe05. She stole my heart the very first time I saw her in person. I am a very romatic person and this is the first time I found someone as romatic or even more romatic than me. We have been out to dinner and I even fixed her dinner on more than one occasion. She has been to church with me and her beauty stood out even there. We even slow dance with each under candle light. This wonderful lady and I are planing a trip for next year. SheShe 05 is like an dream that I hope that never ends. I will informed you more of what happen down the line God willing our love will last forever.

rasdwalker & solodaddy113

After waiting for three months for a true man of God to find me, he came and it was right on time. Just when I wanted to give up he appeared. You may get a few bad apples but if you just trust God the right one will fall in your hands. May God bless love solodaddy113 and rasdwalker.......

His story:

I had been a full member on BlackSingles since Oct. or Nov. 2006. I was away from the site for some time because I moved and it took me time to get back online. I am so happy that I decided to come back when I did. I started back on the site April 18th 2007. I viewed over 75 profiles to see if my GOOD THING was on this site. A few caught my eye and I sent smiles and cards to some. I had no idea that I looked at and read the profile of my future wife in the mist of all the others. A beautiful, bright woman of God who was herself very new to the site checked to see who had viewed her profile. She tells me that my words touched her and she knew that I would be able to identify with her life. So my now wife to be not being a full member sent me her profile again. In response I sent her a card which included my contact information. She followed up by sending me a email at my personal address. we played Email Tag the rest of that day . which was one week from the day I got back on the site. April 25th 2007. We finally exchanged numbers via email. We talked to one another that night from approx. 9:30 pm until 5 or 6 am the next morning. During those hours of conversation we shared life stories, Prayed, praised and feel in love. never say there is no such thing as love at first sight. because when the Lord is involved all things are possible.

We both Thank God for using this site as a way to bring us together. Our plans are to keep God first in this relationship. If it is his will we plan on getting married in 2008.

Solodaddy113 & rasdwalker

nekeiya_s & Leex

I want to thank you for your service. I decided to try your web site to see if there was anyone on here that would be compatible with me. Well it turned out I did meet someone that was compatible with me in so many different ways.

It happen when I was at my grandmother's house. I got on the computer and decided to get on your web site. I was new on here and I had sent Leex my profile. He sent me a smile telling me that he likes my profile. So I sent him a smile back. He was a paying member and I wasn't. He kept trying to send me an Instant message. It would come up on my screen and I heard a ding sound but I didn't know it was him sending me an IM. He sunt it like three times and almost gave up til I respond to him.

We started chatting and he was saying some stuff that really interested me. So he asked me did I have yahoo IM and I said yes. So he IM'd me in yahoo. We continue to chat and then I asked him for his number. He gave me his number and we chated some more til it was time for me to go home. My ride came and I told him that I would call him when I got home he said okay.

So I called him once I got settled in. He answered the phone and I said to myself wow he has a sexy voice. This happened on February 24 2007. So we have been talking for about 2 weeks and remind you he has not seen my picture yet. I tried to send him my picture by mail but it did not go through. So he got impatient so I told him I would send my picture to him through email.

That was not enough he had to see me in person like as soon as possible. So we set a date to see each other. We decided to meet in atlanta on April 20 2007. When I saw him I was like Wow This is it, this is the one. We had so much fun . He gave me a big hug and he was a gentlemen also. This is just the start of our relationship. Thank you blacksingles.



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