Success Stories: 2007

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Someone once told me that I act as if I don't deserve to be loved. And that I would sabotage a relationship rather than embrace it. I found that to be true. I grew up in a loveless family, where our family members were all estranged from one another. So when I met my soulmate here on BlackSingles, somehow I felt like I couldn't get it right; I felt like I was a total screw-up. I tried to run from the relationship, because I was afraid of accepting 'true love' in my life. But, my lady did not give up on me; she helped me to see that I was denying myself happiness; she did not allow me to run - she 'handled' me. I'm glad she did. She demonstrated to me the 'true' meaning of an unconditional love...


I met my current girlfriend here about three months ago and things have been going great ever since day one. The matching process really does work because we have so much in common and get along so great. I truly believe this is my soulmate and the one I will end up marrying. It's early still, but when you know. Thanks blacksingles for all of your help and putting people together who cna really connect. Maybe the divorce rate will go down because of sites like this. Keep up the great work.


I met her on here the first part of this year. What's so ironic is that she swore she'd NEVER be in a long distance relationship. We've been dating for four months now and we're 3000 miles I will be moving from MI to CA early next year and am looking forward to the rest of my life with her. Thank you for being the vehicle by which we've discovered each other....


I met a darling young lady on Black on April 29, 2007, two days after my birthday. I believe that she is a belated birthday present from God. Putting this into words is difficult, but to put it in simpler terms she is simply wonderful and we are currently in that "getting to know you" stage and we are both content...I thank God for her and we are in love with each other. I'm in Michigan and she resides in Indiana. Thank you Black!!!!

ERIKA1LORD & paigejo1

I have a success story to tell. paigejo1 and erika1lord (me), starting chatting on May 29, 2007. I had been looking at his profile for a while and every time I would want to chat, but he was never on. Until this day I invited him to chat and he accepted. We spoke soon after that. He is very quiet but seems very interesting. We were so different but so similar. Anyway we kept on talking everyday almost. And when we could speak to each other we texted. It has been great so far. He has purchased a plane ticket to come from GA to NY to meet little ole me. lol. I am so excited ya'll. I just want to thank God and in advance. Because I see this being a great future for both of us.


GDADDYLONELY and Tirips have found each other and we would like to share our success story with you.

It indeed has been a pleasure and quite an experience being a member of the Black Singles website. Before entering into this arena I acknowledged God for His guidance and preparation of my soul mate as well as preparation for myself. I did not have to give Him specifics, because being a provider He already knew my desires. I believe if you have faith in God, remain humble and patient you will be blessed with the desires of your heart. It was discovered very early in our chats that we were on one accord with God and were ready for Him to take control of the situation so together we surrendered unto Him for direction and here we are.

A word of advice to those who are still searching for their soul mates, make sure you are ready for what you are asking. Be honest with your chats, profiles and photos. We realize that profiles are attention getters, but when actual communication presents itself you need to ask questions you may have and be
truthful with your answers and/or concerns. It doesn't take a lifetime to know if you are interested in someone. It only took 6 weeks for us, just be specific and help your partner to genuinely get to know you. Life is too short to
play games and remember that no one is perfect. Many of us miss our blessings because; we have not yet learned how to detect them. Those of you who say you are seriously searching for a partner for life make sure you are ready and
willing to take the steps that make it possible. Faith is taking one step at a time, even though you can not see the entire stairway (Martin L. King).

We wish everyone well as you continue your search for that special person and pray you will share happiness with each other as GDADDYLONELY (no more) and Tirips are today.

Oh bye the way, GDADDYLONEY says, there are still some good ladies out there. Men don't give up just make sure that your heart and mind is in the right condition. I was blessed so can you. I'm not lonely anymore they just call me



PS: We both feel that marriage is looking good for us in the near future. Thank you for bringing us together.


I met Walter in March on Blacksingles. We chatted for about 3wks before exchanging numbers. At first I thought he was too good to be true because he said and answered everything right. So I went into it a little skeptical. However, after many conversations thru email, texting, and long hours on the phone, he warmed my heart. In two months (yes, a very short time) I was in love with this man whom I have never seen in person. Finally I get nerve to express my feelings to him and guess what, he's in love with me too. Family and friends think we are moving fast but are very supportive. And as I have explained this love me and Walter has was not planned, it just happened and he has made me so happy over the last few months. When we met for the first time it was as if I have known him all my life. When I cuddled in his arms for the first time I knew I belonged there. It felt so right and so good. Fortunately the feeling was mutual, In fact on June 8, 2007 he proposed and I said yes.



I created my profile and was skeptical about truly finding love on line. I received many smiles and cards, but no one really caught my eye. He emailed three times and sent many smiles and cards. I didn't respond to him because he was so handsome, and I thought he was just looking for "ms right now." One day while on line he instant messaged me, and I thought why not. We chatted for a minute and he gave me his number. I called him and we really clicked! We have become so close and share a love that is beyond what words can describe! My search is over! He makes me so happy and is not only my soulmate, but is the person I have been waiting for all my life. Thank you Blacksingles for helping to bring us together. Good luck to all in your search. God Bless.

proc1231 & Wood_9

I wasn't looking, but I found everything I wanted and more in Wood_9! If I am honest, I must say, I was really not enthused to even give him a chance. I responded to an e-mail out of pure courtesy. I can not even tell you how much this brother is blowing my mind right now. I am comfortable saying he is my life partner, because our connection is unbelievable, our goals in life are one in the same, our pleasures are parallel, we challenge each other intelectually, and we satisfy each other physically. I have never been this happy with anyone. I didn't even think this level of happiness I feel with him was even possible. I can only give one piece of advice to everyone: Do not write anyone off because of shallow reasons. Have a true open mind in this process and it may really pay off as it has for me.

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