Success Stories: 2007

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Ms_Too_Sexy & Greyday07

I met him in July 07. We instantly connected chatting and texting everyday..I went to visit him in MI and fell in love instantly with his charm and of course his handsomeness!! = ) And he with ME! I live in GA and he is in MI. But, this man is everything I was looking for, he is the most caring, funny, confident, and loves me for ME man God could've given me!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this soul mate and WONDERFUL connection you have came to bring! I am relocating to MI to be with the man of my dreams and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!! MANY THANKS & BLESSINGS!! Ms_Too_Sexy & Greyday07

JSTD & jasstenor

I thank God so much for Black Singles website. I met and married the most wonderful man in this world. God gave me abundantly more than I asked for. God is "so, so GOOD!!! My screen name is "JSTD" and my husband's screen name is "Jasstenor". We started communicating in April 2004 (that's when we both joined) when he sent me a smile giving me sweet comments about my pictures. When we mingled each other we never discussed anything about us getting together. We just spoke as friends and always asked if either of ushad found our soulmate. I was looking at other men and he was looking at other women. He always tole me I was no where on his list. So in December 2005 God decided that it was time to start turning things around and bring us together. He had all ofmy profile I said I had 1 child at home. He was thinking about a little child or teenager. See he didn't want to raise anymore children. So on Dec 28, 2005 he sent me his phone number and I called him. As we talked, I told him my daughter was 35 years old. He was flabbergased. Immediately he told me he was looking for a wife and didn't have time to play. I was shocked and didn't konw what to say. At that time I was talking to someone else who I thought was interested in me, but very soon found out that he was not for real. Jasstenor and I didn't speak again until February 20, 2006. We continued to talk every night and on March 25th, 2006 I made my commitment to him. In April he went to California to see another person he had been talking to (with my knowledge). He discovered that this person had been deceiving him all this time about alont of things. So now he was on his way to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Chicago on May 2, 2006 to see me. It was love at first sight. I was exactly what I said I was and he was exactly what he said he was. We had laid everything down on the line before he got here. On May 5-7 we went to the Bahamas for my nephew's wedding and on May 12, 2006 we were married. Yes, 10 days after we met in person we got married. I can surely say that our God put us together. We both love God, church, family and we are both musicians. We have so many things in common and we love each oher so very much. All of my family and friends see what a wonderful man he is and how much he loves me by the way he treats me. He moved from Chicago to FL. to be here with me. I couldn't as for anything more in a man. I want to thank all those other women he was interested in who lied to him and turned him down for someone else they thought was better and then tried to come back. They didn't know whatthey missed! I want to thank them for giving him to me. May 12, 2007 was our first anniversary and we are just as happy as the first day we met. So Tasha, may God continue to bless you and the Black Singles site more abundantly each and every day. We love you all!!!!!

Melvin and Jo Ann

PAULW51 & Mr Serious305

I met Mr Serious305 and from the day we met and shared our stories and lives, we then exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. We started sending cards and flowers and we knew that we were for each other. His profile was exactly what he prepared and we both said that with our ages we need to get our lives together. So we did and we started dating Sept, 6, 2006. So it is almost a year. He is a wonderful man and he finally changed my whole life around. We are so happy. I will keep you in touch if we get married but he's the greatest. Again I am so happy. Thank you and i hope every woman and man on this site find their souldmate. Love you guys!



I met the love of my life on this site January 2007. It was love at first site. We were attracted to each other spiritually and mentally. We hit it off instantly. I couldn't believe we had so much in common. Never would have thought it to be so, but God is good and always right on time. He's always right on time. I thank him for this site and blessing me with my soul mate. What a blessing he is to me encouraging in every way. The most important thing of all is that we share Jesus together you can never go wrong putting him first in your life for guidance and direction. Thank you BS for the connection. We'll be getting married on Dec l6th of 2007. Good luck to all of you on the site. God Bless You.

islandgirl53 & intelligentwarrior

...IslandGirl53 n' IntelligentWarrior's Success Story...

...a million thanks from us both to everyone there at Black Singles
Connection...on July 9th, a somewhat apprenhensive Ms. "IslandGirl53" became
a member and discovered Mr. "IntelligentWarrior" while browsing your photo gallery. At first I skipped his photo but kept finding myself going back to take a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th look. After opening his profile - praise G-d - I soon realized this man was everything my heart, mind, and soul had been yearning for. We instantly initiated a joyous and lively communication back
and forth via e-cards, mail, pvt. e-mail and phone calls. The realization that we had discovered someone special on your site was indeed a blessing for us both. Our dialogue now has been nurtured into a blessed decision to
spend the remainder of our lives together as "...authentic soulmates eternal..." Again, a million sincere expressions of gratitude to you for bringing us together. Our prayer is that many, many others will secure true
love by using your service. G-D bless!!!


Could it be?
Thank you, thank you black singles. I think I found my true love. I became a member in the middle of June 2007, by the end of June we were chatting with each other almost everyday. He gave me his phone # and then it all began. We met for lunch and had a blast, I didn't want him to leave. We're planning our second date, and the anticipation is killing both of us.
He lives in Jersey and I in the Bronx. We're both planning big things for OUR future together. I think I really found my soul mate, He's everything and more I asked for in my profile. Thank you again black singles for bringing us together.



I actually met someone on your site almost a year ago whom I liked a lot. But we lost touch with one another. So I returned to your site in hopes that we would find each other again and it worked, we did. Thank you so much Blacksingles for making it possible for me to find him again. Good luck to all and hope you find who your looking for i did.


I Just wanted to keep you updated. I wrote to you about meeting a lovely man around the middle of June we met back in January. I thought he was a lovely man but the distances would've been a problem. (Me living in the Uk and
him in the USA) but it just seemed to click. We talk everyday and in March I went out to LA to meet him face to face. He was as prefect as can be and we got on like a house on fire. We are now engaged and planning our wedding for
the 5th of April 2008. I just wanted to thank you once again for your site, if it wasn't for you and your site I wouldn't have met this wonderful man. Your site has allowed people from different parts of the world find love. We both
have been on different dating site before but no luck, I hope you continue with you success. You have changed both our lives which we are grateful to you for.

Yours Sincerely

Cheinah and Leo

mzunique_red & Blazinbl8k

Here is yet another success story to share with the Black Singles subscribers.

I have been fortunate to meet my soulmate. 454 miles apart ... 7 hours away -- He is from Virginia by way of Philly, I am from Georgia by way of Kansas. I signed up as a full member for 30 days just to see what kind of responses I would get. I received several but the one that caught my eye was Blazinbl8k. Strange how things seem to work out. My membership was near its end and out of the blue ... Superman to the rescue. He is all that I have longed for in a partner. He is kind, considerate, silly in a lovable kind of way, humble, family oriented, sensitive, understanding, honest ... etc. Let's just say he is all that. We talked for hours on end for a couple of weeks, then I invited Blake and his family down for the weekend ... That was it. I knew I had connected with my soulmate. Our interaction with one another was like we had known each other for years. His daughters and my children instantly took to one another. His girls took to me, my children welcomed him. We
did more in that weekend than most do in a week. He is one of a kind and all Mine! This is the person I plan on spending an eternity with.

We'll make sure to send you an update on our future wedding and photos.....

Thank you

Mzunique_red & Blazinbl8k

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