Success Stories: 2007

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redhornet713 & adda

Hello Blacksingles. I am one of those curious ones who didn't know that I could find true love on the site. It did happen and now I am living proof to tell you that it's real. I met my soul mate and it started out slow with a date from Boston to NY and we have been together since September 15,2006. We plan to get engaged and married. I brought her to meet my parents on Christmas and they loved her. I am working on meeting her parents in Chad. We still communicate for hours in a day while she is in Japan and I am in NY. She flew in from school to see me from Japan and the feelings remain the same. I found my true soulmate in aka adda. Thank You Blacksingles
I am off the market now.


After months of being on this Single Site, which I was against at the beginning of the year, my best friend told me I should join.... Not sure of who/what kind of responses I would get from this, this world is crazy out there and being a single mother of two children I have to think of them first... Well I did, I found him but at first I was hesitant to even give him the time of day. I thought he was too aggressive, to forward, but Sexy... He has really touched my life in all ways possible, he really has put all my pieces to the puzzle together and made me complete again.

I really believe he was God sent from Heaven, he is my Guardian Angel, My Present, My Future, My Ending, My Everything... God always closes the doors to the past and opens new doors for the future... I don't know what I would do with out his sense of humor, his encouragement, his hugs, his kisses, his compassion, he seems so perfect. He gave me that sense of security again to be able to fall in love all over again and all Men are not the same...

The thing about him and I were both fun, we make each other laugh, makes me feel alive, and a little crazy sometimes. However these moments in my mind, are crystal clear images of us as a good fit together, and it's such perfect sense that we both know what we want. We want time with one another, we want to hear each other whisper and talk and yell. We want to touch so softly that we put each other to sleep. I want to fall in love so deeply with him that even when it's not all fun we can look at each other and know as I do now that " He is the One"...

We will keep you posted with our future...

Thank You Black Singles!!!!

** Tanisha **


I met my fiance the same month that I joined blacksingles, and it was explosive from the start. I never thought in a million years that I would ever meet a nice guy, never the less the man of my dreams. I was told by friends not to talk to anyone who did not have a picture, but this particular day, I accepted his IM and it was the very best move I have made in my life. He emailed me a picture and after talking to him and seeing his beautiful eyes, I knew he was truly who I wanted in my life. We shared the same goals in life and we both have a deep love for all of our children as well as a total love for God. We met one weekend after he traveled all the way from Atlanta Ga. to see me and the connection was sealed. After dating for awhile we realized that we both desired to take it to the next step, so he proposed and we will be united in Holy Matrimony on Sept. 14, 2008 and the rest will be history. I want to Thank you blacksingles for being the unique vessel that was used to bring me and my soul mate together, and after we have both been married before and it ended painfully it's just nice to know that there are still some beautiful men out there waiting to find their good thing. Last but certainly not least, be honest about your profiles and what it is you are looking for, because without honesty love will not be able to find you in midst of deception. BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF AND ALL ELSE WILL BE TRUE TO YOU.

tilliebell19 & Supersonic46

I thought my heart was laid to rest without a chance to ever love again. I had no dreams or passions, just memories & pain. Then came Supersonic46. He showed me life, love and destiny in ways my heart could never imagine. Yes, now I see there are so many possibilities. There are no limits to where we will go from here. We will love each other until our days on this earth are through. We entered this relationship with no regrets without comparing to the past. No other love I have ever had compares to his. Our profile answers determined we were a 100% match. One of the many examples of our compatibility is the fact that we both have experience with the military. Right away he understood why I am currently serving in Iraq. Our correspondence went from a card and short emails here and there to 4 page emails on a daily basis. We never run out of things to say to each other. Thanks Blacksingles for introducing me to the "man of my dreams".


I thought online dating was for losers, people who couldn't get up enough self esteem to go out and find a mate. I now know that's not the situation. I also didn't believe that there was no way that two people could connect so strongly in a matter of 72 hours, BUT I did, and I am ecstatic. I been in relationships before, I strongly feel this is the real thing. Thank you Tasha for the drive you had to get this site up in running for working class minority women such as myself and men can date, chat and form beautiful friendships, relationships and sometimes even marriage at our own pace. I do believe now that there's someone out there for everybody.


I want to say thank you for the ministry of helping others find the man/woman of their dreams. I have only been a member here for about two months and just when I was about to give up we found each other. I personally want to thank you. I would like to encourage those of you who are seeking. What ever you do don't give up! Trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Remain true to yourself, remain true to the Lord never compromise who you are and who's you are. I wish each of you success and may the Lord bless you in your search.

Thank you for the joy you've brought in our lives.


BrownSugarandSpice & TNTXPRS

I have met that special someone on your web site and we have been dating as of mid January 2007. Since then we have talked about our future and has decided that we are compatible as each other's soulmate. Our relationship together has been looking very bright every since he has proposed to me on Valentines Day and asked me to be in his life as his wife. Thank You for uniting my future husband to be in my life. BrownSugarandSpice & TNTXPRS


I did meet Mr. Right on, and I appreciate the site for opening up the avenue, and it reminds me that God can use anything to make everything come together. I wasn't even interested in a long distance relationship, but he is from Louisiana, and I live in Georgia. He is coming to join me...and we will be married on Aug 23, 2007. Last but not least, the site is like the water, but the two involved must be willing to drink. Thank you Black Singles...but me and my fiancee are going to get our groove on!! PEACE OUT!!!


I read many of the success stories on the site when I first joined, and loved the thought of finding my own special someone. To my delight, I met a wonderful, wonderful, man two (2) weeks ago. The first week, we talked on the telephone for hours. One night we talked until 2:00 a.m. and could have easily talked on.

We arranged to meet for dinner that Friday and had such a wonderful time that he asked me out for dinner and dancing on Saturday night as wekk. Our connection is uncanning. I believe in my heart that he is THE ONE. It is my prayer that our love grows with each day and that we unite in marriage. So I thank Blacksingles for being an avenue of connection.

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