Success Stories: 2007

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wendell057 & happy1l

In November 2006, I joined website not knowing what to expect.
In February 2007, I saw a beautiful woman. She was irresistable. Thereafter, I visited her profile several times per day. One day during one of my many visits, she Instant message me and we chatted. We immediately connected and thereafter spoke via the telephone repeatedly day and night.
In April 2007, she travelled thousands of miles to the caribbean to visit me. At first sight, we knew immediately that we were meant for each other.
We are planning to be married in mid 2008. We are a blessing to each other. Many thanks to Tasha and
God bless you...
wendell057 & happy1l


Love has found me…

I joined black singles just to see what would happen, never did the online thing before. Never thought that God would bring me what I have been searching for my whole life.
But he has and every day I thank him for it. The wedding is set for Feb 2008

Thanks black singles
“Happily off the Market”



Thank you "" because I am a happy man. I have to say that I was a little apprehensive at first. You hear a lot of horror stories about online dating, but I was pleasantly surprised when the lady of my dreams was the first person I dated through an online dating service. We contacted one another through email for about a week or two then graduated to phone calls. We practically knew each other by the time we actually met. I am so glad I took that first step by subscribing to "". Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU.


I met "D" on after communicating with several ladies who were all interesting, but "D" stood out. She thought that I was a snob and had deleted me from her contact list, until I contacted her and spoke with her on the telephone. She is so vibrently alive and most importantly, she knows and loves the LORD. We are planning our lives together daily and we are looking forward to a life time of love and sharing.

I thank for being there when I needed you. I have been on other sites, but this the best by far


I was on the pursuit of happiness, and it seemed as though all was lost for more than half a year I kept getting smiles and emails from guys that were not real or honest. And then he smiled at me and I smiled back, then he offered his number so I called, and from the day that we met we have been inseperable. He is the most wonderful man that I could have ever asked for, and even though we have a way til marriage, we have discussed it. I just want to thank Blacksingles for allowing me the opportunity to use alternative measures for finding the love of my new happy life.


On May 20, 2007 I met a wonderful GOD fearing man on SBC. From the day I laid eyes on this handsome man, namde Carlton, I knew he was the one even before he spoke. It was that positive walk and beautiful smile he had before approaching me. My GOD is so awesome, I had been praying for so long for GOD to send me a husband that he approve of and is ready to settle down get married and start a family. Well my Lord has answered my prayers and there will defiently be wedding bells soon. I want to thank the staff at SBC for being apart of this wonderful journey. We will KIT. Thanks.


I had been on blksingles for awhile, talked to several interesting men. However, none of whom seem to be a match. I was finally coming to terms with not finding anyone on this site. But out of the blue I met this guy on here who seems to been a match. We talked for several weeks and he knew how I looked but I did'nt know how he looked. So finally I decided to meet with him. I took him to a friends wedding and we just hit it off. We have been going strong for awhile we are even talk about our future as one. Who knows we might be getting married soon.

Later dayz


I met my fiance on blacksingles while I was deployed in Iraq in February 2006. She flew from Houston to meet me when I came home to Chicago in May and from the moment I saw her I knew she was someone special. I knew she was special since she got on that plane to come see me!! Nevertheless, it has been a true blessing and we know for sure that fate was on our side. I love her more than anyone can imagine and we plan to get married at the end of Spring 2008. Thank you and God Bless blacksingles!!!

darightone4u & aproudmother

Hello all my blacksingles alumini, I Would like to share my story about me and aproudmother. The way we met was kinda wierd because one day I instant messaged her when I was trying to get in touch with her for the longest. But anyways the first time we chatted she gave me her number and we been talking since then. Now, I'm going to move down there with her and begin a perfect life and relationship. We came to understand that anything is possible as long as u have plenty of faith and let opportunity run its course. To everyone on this site, If u seriously trying to find someone on here it very possible and I wish u the best of luck in your quest to find a soulmate.


Her story:
We'll we met on here and he instant message me and I gave him my number cuz I was busy at work. When he called me we stayed on the phone for hours almost till 4 o clock in the morning. Communicating skills progressed over time, feelings and emotions got deeper. So I invited him to come stay with me here in Florida and now were living happily ever after like a romantic love story, and I pray that we never split or go seperate ways. To anyone on here honestly trying to find someone, I'm telling u that it is possible just give it a try and follow your heart.

Thanks, Blacksingles

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