Success Stories: 2008

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spicy65 & smoothed

Who knew that love would have a happy ending. I met Nate whose user name is (smoothed). We made an instant connection after meeting each other for the 1st and second time. Our love for each other is blossoming in to a beautiful flower. I'm his Queen and he's my King. I FINALLY FOUND MY FUTURE.


We met on BlackSingles in February. I sent him a message because his profile got my attention. He then sent me a message 2 weeks later. The two of us sent a few messages back and forth through BlackSingles and then we started emailing each other. We later realized that we live only 2 miles from each other. To make a long story short, things are going great. I've never been happier!


I met Eshan on Black Singles at the end of April and we talked a lot by phone for over a month. We both felt like we had known each other for years before we met and then about a month later, we met for the first time. I hoped the sparks would be there the way it was by phone and sure enough, they were. It's been wonderful and we are definitely planning our future together. Keep you posted!


nursebutler & Olajide

I met Ola online at BlackSingles in November of 2007. I was browsing one day and chatting with several people when I received an IM request from him. Well, when I saw that he was a Nigerian residing in London, England, my initial thought was, "NO WAY". Well, this man was persistent and after several attempts, I finally said, "what harm is there in chatting." Well, I fell in love with this man, this beautiful man called Olajide.

After several months of IM's, e-mails, and phone conversations, we finally decided to meet. I flew to London this past May to meet this man who had stolen my heart. The time spent with him and his family was priceless, he not only showed me love and respect, but he was not ashamed to let any and everyone know that this is my woman!

Because of immigration and custom laws, he will not be able to come here until after his visa is approved. Now I know most think this will never work, the distance is too great or whatever, but I must say, when I decided to wait on the Lord to bless me, he did so without regards to nationality, distance, or obstacles placed in front of us. Prayer works, all the time.

Peace and Blessings!


I met the man of my prayers by chance on this site. We only e-mailed each other six times. He was passing through town, so we exchanged phone numbers so he could call call when he arrived in town. We met for coffee and have been talking constantly every since. He is AWESOME and I only made contact with him on the site because he kept reviewing my profile, but never communicated with me. So I made contact with him and I am thankful I did.


I was only a member for a week and a half and I was a little uneasy about online dating. Well, I met the man of my dreams. He was only online for one day and he was not a full member. He read my profile and said, "this is the women I would like to get to know." Well, he joined the site that day and we connected. Thank you BlackSingles, for helping me find the man of my dreams.

sassysexylittleme & Malachi2u

I was very skeptical about joining a dating site, so I certainly didn't hold out a lot of hope in finding a true mate online. My views changed when I began communicating with Malachi2u. It started with smiles, cards, and phone calls. Then it quickly elevated to dating and the making of future plans.

I am so blessed to have him in my life and I am truly thankful to BlackSingles for providing an avenue to make it all possible.

Malachi2u is a God send and I can't thank HIM (GOD)enough for blessing me with the man of my dreams.



We began communicating by e-mail and cards on March 2nd. He says he hesitated to contact me because I indicated that I was not interested in meeting someone who lived more than 50 miles away. However, he took a chance and contacted me anyway. Since that time, we have gone from talking on the telephone once or twice a week, to 10-15 times a day. We know that we are each other's soul mate and we care very deeply for each other. We will finally meet face to face this Friday, June 20th. We are pretty certain that once we have spent some time together, we will not need to look any further. Thank you so much for this site, I think it is the best way to eliminate those who are definitely not a match and get to know those who are, prior to physical contact. Because sometimes, the physical attraction could be so strong that you overlook many other important factors. When your only option is to talk to each other, you find out more than you can possibly imagine about each other. These last few months talking to him have been some of the happiest times of my life.

chocolate2451 & texasblackangel

I met "texasblackangel" in November of 2007 and we talked and got to know each other. He lived in Texas and I lived in Alabama. He finally flew to Alabama and it was an instant attraction. He is the most wonderful, thoughtful, caring, and loving man I have ever met in my life. We got engaged Valentine's Day '08. I moved to Texas June 29th and we are planning to be married Oct. 1,2008. I could not be more happy than I am now. He is the man of my dreams and it would not have been possible if it weren't for BlackSingles. Thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world...

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