Success Stories: 2007

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I met a wonderful Godfearing man known as Rired. He was just looking for a friend, and I really got fed up of some of the responces I was receiving, because most of the men that would send their profile or im were just pushy with their approach, and did not come across friendly, but just wife hunting. Rired and I just sent emails to each other, then we exchanged phone numbers, and we spoke on the phone, and we just got on so well and things have just escalated into such a wonderful friendship, and we enjoy each others company so much. We are a few distances apart, but we will continue to pray about our relationship. I Love his personality and his character, he is a wonderful man. I was known as Glowee. I just want to thank God for his love and kindness, and for blacksingles. There is someone for us all if we all allow God to speak to us concerning the right man/woman, to come into our lifes. I am amazed at the way we both compliment each other in our conversation, and we listen to each other, and have such a wonderful time and plenty of laughter, on all subjects. Thanks again Black singles. Stay blessed. Peace!

kmp123 & msbenz2

Amazing Story. Hi I'm last known as Kmp123 I searched thousands of profiles over the past month and I saw a profile that I thought, oh she wouldn't talk to me, viewed it then kept on going. After two page clicks this person pops up in front of my screen going by the name msbenz2. She asked to talk and I said I would get back to others, but it was something that I felt to do right then and there! We just started talking I was not a member and she was, she not knowing? We started talking and we didn't stop for almost a hour. I gave my number and we were both so excited. She asked me two times for my number as if she was trying to remember it breifly. She called and we talked for another hour like we just knew each other, (read close members follow me and see the true power of fate). Then after I went on blacksingles we were not on at the same time! Remind you I was not a member! She would leave me cards and I would leave her smiles trying to match the headline of her cards to convey. Just recently she sent me a card I will never forget! It was green and it read, something to the effect of not waiting to take opportunitys but going after them in life, by peter ?? something! It did not set right in my heart so I kept reading it over as I was reading it, she was canceling her membership, not knowing that she had notes behind the cards. Long story short, something did'nt feel right and it was as blacksingles helped me find out later on after I pleaded with customerservice to help me find msbenz2. Msbenz2 was so overwemed by the two contacts that we had as I was overwelmed too! She thought I was a member because I had talked through her im' that she sent me and that I knew how to put together a smile to match her smiles when the cards came she thought I was afraid of her and the cards that kept coming I didn't check them. I didn't get my check to subcribe to blacksingles yet! Anyway she was giving up on dating after I subcribed after two days of thinking about msbenz2 constantly. I discovered in her cards she was telling me that she was so excited about me and was already feeling the same way about her, she left a number and I called it and it was in no futher use? huh I started freaking out! In my mind a hundered ways to find her not knowing she was somewhere planing the samething all the way to my city and I was planning to do the same the next day. But in one of her cards she said please don't keep me waiting baby you've made me so happy. I hadn't had happniness in along time either! I felt the same way like we knew each other before this life? So I wrote a letter to blcksingles and customerservice insisting that they help me find msbenz2 in my all knowing spirit being, she was somewhere yearning for me as I was for her and we needed each other. I waived my rights and any liablity, my personal info so that they would be able to give it to msbenz2 and the rest is history. msbenz2 and kmp123 are planing to travel out the country on a trip
before first snow! Oh here's the funny part. Her company was three blocks from my home! In my city (LoL real hard! ) God bless you and best wishes to everyone searching.

vjde & Joneslll

I have been on this site for three years.
I am so grateful to BS connections. Charles and I met August 12, 2006 and we are getting married August 11, 2007. We saw each others profile and we were honest on our profiles and the honesty continues still today. We love each other. We practice Christians lives. We admire and respect each other. We both love God and we know the God Loves us so much.
We love to travel and he love dogs. Our dogs travel with us everywhere we go. I moved from Inglewood in March to Bakersfield, Ca. and the people in this city are very nice and the new church family is a God send.
We are having a large wedding this Saturday. With all off our family and friends.
If blacks singles would like to come would would love to have you.
Vickiejo - vjde and Charles -Joneslll

bre0765 & Six Eight

I don't believe in approaching men so internet dating was out of the question for me. However, after talking to a friend I decided to give it a try. I told myself that I would not search for any profiles, however if someone responed to mine, I would acknowledge him. Six Eight was one of the first people to respond. Never in a hundred years did I think we would connect this way. He is all I asked God for, plus some! We decided to remove our profiles from black singles and are concentrating on building a strong, pure, honest relationship. Thank you black singles, I was one of the doubter of internet dating but you proved me wrong. I pray that others will experience the same success!
I pray God's blessing over the staff at BS. I also pray that our paths will never have to cross again. : )

faith62 & Farbe

Farbe and faith 62 will be getting married Sept. 1, 07. Thanks again to blacksingles. So all of you that are thinking about giving up. We say no just take your time and give God a chance, and yourself. He is the love of my life and I am his. So ladies hang in there your king is on the way, and for you gents do the same. Hey, by the way, I would like to add find someone that cares about you for you okay and not for what they think you have. Things cannot bring you close when you need love, or a comforting hug. So may God always bless you. If you are looking for a Christian mate, hold firm and do not give in. Just stand stand and stand strong.---------farbe and faith 62.


I would like to thank you for affording me the opportunity to use your website. Thanks to, I was entitled to meet my future wife. We have been together for the past two months. I live in South Carolina and she lives in Georgia. I am moving to Georgia to be closer to her and we plan on getting married in December. Once again, thank you so much.

In Him,

rlblkwmn & Dwpl

OOh, where do I begin. Well Dwpl ( Dwight C.)from Raleigh, NC and I started our instant connection last year. From the first smile & cards then IM. it was love brewing in the atmosphere. We looked over the distance and took a chance at total fulfillment in each others souls. In October 2006, we met for the first time after months of emails and long hours on the phone. From the moment that he exits the plane it was "dynasty fulfilled". We couldn't keep our eyes off each other. Our emotional and spiritual connection become overwhelmed and in tune with our now physical connection.
To date, we are going strong, stronger and finally totally committed to each other as a complete unit. In June 2007, we comitted ourselves to each other and have made plans to relocate. Where is still up in the air but one thing is for certain WE ARE A UNIT. We are a movement and an force to be recken with. P.S. I'll keep you in informed on our progress

GAMEZERO & Ghost989

Wow!! This has been an absolute wonderful journey! We, my husband and I, wanted to send our thanks to this site for assisting us in our union. Almost two years ago this September my husband (Ghost989) was sent my profile, and from that point on we have been inseparable. I moved from my hometown to his a year ago. With four children my life as a divorced single mom was great, but missing a piece of my life's puzzle. As a divorced father of three grown sons, his life underwent a 360 degree turnabout. Little did we know that just browsing through the site would complete the puzzle. My children love their new state and God has blessed us tremendously every since.

Our wedding was very intimate with (our) girls and Pastor. We are extremely happy and blessed. Almost daily we look at each other and say, "Wow, can you believe we are married!" It has been AWESOME! So, to all the unbelievers, we are works...SMILE!

Thank you Black Singles Connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Ghost989

tiffysong & Xilla01

Hi, I'm Tiffany (user name) Tiffysong and Leon (user name) Xilla01. We have been contacting each other after finding one another on Black Singles and another site.
We set up a day to finally meet and it's been wonderful.
It didn't dawn on us that we first saw each other on Black Singles first, and now here we are.
We have grown to learn alot about each other, and now our relationship has blossomed into something beautiful.
We both have children and have chosen to take it one day at a time, and that's what works for us. We'll eventually combine our love for our children under one house hold. He my King as I'm his Queen.

I've always went out looking for love instead love found me. In the process of that transformation, my heart would be broken by lies or cheating, but Leon has been honest from day one. Thats what my heart needs
right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that Leon and I will have a Blessed relationship. :)

I would like thank the staff of Black Singles for making
this possible for us.

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